April 5th, 2020


 Intro – God prepared the Israelites for Easter. He did through the 7 major feast that He commanded they celebrate. He named them and told them what was to be involved in each one. If you look carefully you can see God was preparing the Israelites for Easter 1500 years before it happened. 


I. The first feast was Passover.


A. Israelites were having a tough time as slaves in Egypt.


B. God sends Moses to rescue them.


C. Perfect lamb, no bones broken, blood on the doorpost.


D. We are in bondage to sin.


                        1. God provides a perfect Lamb.  Jn.1:29,  Jn.19:36


                        2. His blood gives life. 1Peter 1:18-19, Rom.6:23 


                        3. His death keeps us from death. 1Thess.5:10, Rom.5:9


E. Jesus is our Passover Lamb who rescues us from sin and death.  1Cor.5:7


II. The second feast was Unleavened bread.


A. Remember your quick and complete exit from Egypt.


B. All leaven had to be removed. A complete cleansing.


C. In the New Testament leaven is compared to sin. Mt.16:6, 12, 1Cor.5:6-8.


D. Jesus is the One who makes us clean.  1Jn.1:9


III. The third feast was First fruits.


A. The Israelites were to rejoice in a new harvest.     


B. Thank God for new life, for His provision.


C. The timing of the feast match up to Christ death, burial and resurrection.  14th. 15th. 1st day.


D. We are clearly told by God that Christ is the first fruits of the resurrection.  Just as in the OT feast it meant more fruit would follow. 1Cor.15:20. 23,  Rom.8:11


Con. So we can see how God prepared Israel for the coming Messiah that would fulfill all these feast Himself.


Have you seen the connection? God laid it out clearly. Put your faith and trust in the Lamb of God and He will cleasne you and give you eternal life.


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