Matthew 8:26


March 22nd





Intro – As you hear this message today we are in the middle of a pandemic. Because our President has asked us not to gather in large groups Faith Lutheran has canceled church until April 5th, at that time we will re-evaluate the situation. What does God say about times like this? Mt.8:26. When Jesus said fear not He was telling us to trust Him. Satan knows that fear leads to panic and panic to anarchy.



I. His fear not message is for today.


            A. To those afraid of the coronavirus, Jesus says fear not.


            B. God knows what He is doing. Hab.1:5 “you would not believe if told you”.


            C. God is still on the throne, still in control. Col.1:17



II. Fear leads to panic.


            A. Panic leads to anarchy and Satan love chaos.


            B. There is no reason to panic!


                        1. Christians need to set an example by being calm and trusting the Lord. Prov.3:5-6


                        2. Use the common sense God has given you to prevent sickness.  Not like the Florida youth.


            C. Think of the percentage who survive the virus. US-98%, China and world-96% 


                        1. Keep things in perspective, take steps to prevent but don’t panic.


                        2. Same as flu, measles, pneumonia,  etc.  Don’t need to empty the selves at Walmart


                        3. You have allowed your minds to be manipulated into panic mode.



III. More harm will be done because of people panicking than from the virus.


            A. Many will suffer financial loss.


            B. Marriages will be destroyed.


            C. Suicides will increase


            D. Hospital bills will abound because of fear and stress.


            E. Needy people will be hurt by lack of the things they need.


            F. Only the great deceiver, Satan, is happy about this chaos.





Con. Are you afraid? If you’re a Christian remember Jesus will take care of you. If you are not a believer now is a good time to repent of sin and accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior. Then whether you live or die you will be at peace with God. You will have a peace the world cannot understand. Christians, now is the time to be bold, be calm and be a light to world living in fear.


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