John 8:31-44


March 15th 2020



Intro – You can hear without hearing when you hear but don’t understand. Like a foreign language. Jesus was speaking, teaching in the temple, but the Pharisees didn’t understand.



I. Some believed. 31-32


A. Faith opens up your understanding.  1Cor.2:14


B. We must abide in Christ to know truth. Gen.3:13,


C. Sin leads to being deceived. 2Cor.11:3, 2Tim.3:13  



II. The unbelieving Pharisees could not understand.


A. They trusted their connections.  33   Is.29:13


B. Jesus explains He is referring to sin. 34-36  Rom.6:16


C. Their actions reveal their unbelief. 37-40


1. If you do what God says is sin and don’t repent, are you a Christian?


2. If you live immorally and refuse to change your ways are you a Christian?


3. If you lie, steal and take advantage of others, are you a Christian?


4. If you refuse to recognize your sin and repent, are you a Christian?  1Cor.6:9-10


D. A Christian follows Christ.  Acts 11:26, Acts 26:28, Jn.10:27



III. Those who reject Christ and follow another way are Satan’s children. 41-44


A. Satan hates Christians and tries to get people to follow some other way.  1Tim.5:15, Jn.14:6


B. He deceives people into thinking everything is ok. Rev.12:9


C. However, there is only one way to follow Jesus.  Jn.4:24



Con. Hear what Jesus says. There is only one God, one way to heaven, one way to worship Him.


The way of God’s word. You must know it, believe it and follow it.


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