March 8th 2020




Intro – If there is one thing God is making clear in chapter 45 of Isaiah it is this one truth. There is no other God besides Him. He says it 6 times prior to our text (5, 6, 14, 18) and twice in our text. He even says He will punish those who make the idols (vs.16). 




I. People who pray to idols should hear what God says. (20)


A. They do so because they lack knowledge.  Is.44:19


B.  Idols cannot save them. Is.46:7, Jer.10:5, Is.44:17


C. To seek help from anything or anyone other than God is a sin. Deut.18:14


D. God forbids contacting the spirit world.  Deut.18:10-11


            Seances, chants or spells, drums, Ouija boards, etc.




II. There is only one God who can answer your prayers. (21)


A. He is our God and Savior. Is.43:11


B. All your prayers should be addressed to the one true God, Jesus. 1Tim.2:5


1. No one or anything deserves glory or praise but God. Is.42:8


2. Prayer “turn to Me” is the way you worship and glorify someone. (22) Ps.50:15, Ps.107:13




III. Only God can save you through faith in Jesus Christ. (23-25)


A. Some day everyone will admit this truth.  Phil.2:10


B. Only Jesus can give them righteousness. 2Cor.5:21, Acts 4:12


C. Someday everyone will know this is true. Ps.51:14, Ps.24:5, Ps. 4:1




Con. Who do you pray to?  Who do you glorify? Who do you put your faith in?  Jer.9:24


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