Hebrews 2:11-18


Jan. 12th 2020


 Intro – to sanctify means to set apart for God’s use. When we get saved Jesus sanctifies us. Several things are true about those who are sanctified.


 I. Christ says we are His brothers.


A. We belong to God’s family. Jn.1:12


B. He became like us so we could become like Him.


1. He became flesh.  Phil.2:7


2. So we can become new spiritually. 2Cor.5:17, Rom.6:4-6


C. Someday a new resurrected body. 1Cor.15:53, 1Jn.3:2


 II. Christ has defeated our enemy Satan. Gen.3:15


A. By His resurrection. 1Jn.3:8, Rom.6:9, Phil.3:10, Rev.20:6, Jn.11:25-26


B. We no longer fear death. 2Tim.1:9-10, 1Cor.15:54-55


 III. Christ has and will help us.


A. He already has by providing payment for sin. Rom.3:25, 1Jn.2:2


B. He continues by helping us during time of temptation. Heb.4:16, 1Cor.10:13


 Con. Knowing this let us live like the children of God that we are.  Matt.5:16


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