Dec. 22nd 2019




Intro – The theme of John’s first letter is the fellowship of believers. Fellowship is an important part of the Christian life. To fellowship means to hold something in common.




I. A fellowship based on facts.


A. John and the disciples knew Him. 1Cor.15:4-5


B. They had physical contact and fellowship with Jesus.


1. They knew Who He was – Jn.1:1, Matt.1:23


2. They heard – Matt.3:17


3. They saw – Jn.1:14, John 10:37-38


4. They touched – Lk.24:39, Jn.20:27


C. We have spiritual contact and fellowship with Jesus. 1Cor.1:9, Rom.8:16, 1Jn.5:9-13, Jn.20:29




II. A fellowship of the joyful


A. The devil doesn’t want you to be joyful in Christ. Gal.3:1, Lk.8:12, Acts 10:38, 2Cor.2:11


B. Christ wants you to be joyful. Jn.15:11, Jn.17:13, Ps.40:16




III. A fellowship of the forgiven. Jn.1:12, 1Pet.1:18-19


A. We have been called out of darkness. 2Cor.6:14


B. We live changed lives. 2Cor.5:17, Heb.10:24-25




Con. – This Christmas as you get together with family and friends let it be a joyful celebration of what Jesus has done for you. Keep in mind that you are a part of a much larger fellowship of believers.


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