Malachi 3:1-6


Dec. 15th 2019






Intro – as with so many OT prophecies God did not allow the OT prophets to see the church age that we are living in. They went from the Messiah coming to the Messiah judging. In the prophecy that Malachi spoke in our text today, the church age would have come between verses 1 and 2.




I. John the Baptist to the birth and ministry of Christ.  (1)


A. John is the 1st messenger.  Matt.11:10-11


B. His message was one of repentance.  Lk.13:3, 1Jn.1:9


C. The “messenger of the covenant” is Jesus. Is.41:27, Jer.31:31, Lk.4:18-21, Lk.22:20




II. The tribulation and time of “Jacob’s distress”.  (2-4)


A. The tribulation is for those who have rejected Christ. 2Thess. 2:10-11


B. The Jews will repent and turn to Jesus during this time. Dan.9:24, Jer.30:7, Rom.11:25


C. A time to purify the Jewish people. vs 3, Dan.12:10




III. End time judgement.  (5)


A. The ungodly and unrepenting will be punished. Rev. 21:8


B. Those who change evil for good. Malachi 2:17


C. Those who question God’s existence.






Con. –Christmas is the message of hope, of God’s unchanging grace. (6)


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