Philippians 2:5-11


April 14th 2019




Intro – Palm Sunday reminds us that Jesus is a King. Our text reminds us of the kind of King that Jesus is.




I. A humble King.


A. His was a true humility. Matt.20:28


1. Washed disciples feet. Jn.13:5


2. Rode a donkey vs a stallion.  Matt.21:5-9


B. He willingly became a man. Vs 7-8


C. We should have this humility also. Rom.12:10, 1Thess.5:11, Phil.2:3-4




II. A chosen King.


A. God chose to send Christ. Mt.12:18, Lk.9:35, Jn.3:16, Acts 2:23


B. Christ chose to come. Lk.19:10, Jn.10:18


C. He chose to die for our sin. Rom.5:6-8


D. We must choose our King.  Joshua 24:15


III. An exalted King.



A. Jesus came as a humble baby, He will come back as King of Kings. Rev.19:11-16


B. Everyone will someday exalt Jesus.  Is.45:22-25, Rev.15:4


C. Those who do so now will enter heaven. 1Pet.5:6, 1Jn.2:23, Lk.12:8


Con. – Come to Jesus and crown Him King of your life today and exalt Him with your life. Matt.5:16


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