Numbers 21:4-9


April 7th 2019




Intro – The bronze serpent was about repentance and faith. Likewise, that is the message of the cross. The cross should remind you of your sin but also that the One who died on it can bring forgiveness and life.




I. It was a reminder of what happened.


A.  The snakes had come because of sin.  1Cor.10:9


B.  Looking at the bronze snake reminded them of their sin. Rom.6:23


C.  They were willing to repent. Vs 7




II. The serpent was not meant to be worshipped.


A.  Worshiping symbols will not save anyone. Rom.1:25


1. It’s not the symbol but faith in God.


2. Those who believe will be saved. 1Cor.1:18


B.  They soon forgot this truth. 2Kings 18:4


C.  It was lifted up so they could repent and believe.  Is.45:22, John 3:14-15




III. This was a type of Christ on the cross.


A.  Both were raised up. Jn.3:14, Jn.8:28


B.  Both provided  relief  from sin. Col.2:14, 1Cor.15:55-57


C.  Both required repentance and faith in God’s word. Rom.10:9-13, Acts 4:12



Con. – Today in communion remember it is your faith in Jesus that saves not the taking of the elements.

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