John 6:1-15


March 31st 2019





Intro – Our text today speaks about being tested. God will test our faith. Because He loves us, He will test us. Testing always develops our faith.




I. Jesus knows what His plans for us are. (5-6)  Jer.29:11


A. Jesus knows what He is going to do before He gives the test.  Jer.32:17, Ps.55:22


B. The disciples did not know what to do. Matt.6:25, 31, 33


C. The Lord knows what He wants you to do.  Prov.3:5, Matt.7:7, Matt.16:24




II. Jesus knows how much we can endure. (9-10)  1Cor.10:13


A. They had reached their limit, “what are these”.  Matt.14:15


B. Jesus brings us to the point where we are helpless. Ps.107:13


C. Same principal in salvation. Rom.5:6


1. So we can see our need for help.   Acts 16:30


2. So we can ask Him for help.  Acts 16:31, Rom.10:13, Rom.10:9, Mark 9:24




III. Jesus knows what is best for us. (12-13) Rom.8:28


A. He knows what He wants to accomplish. James 1:3-4, 12


B. He wants us to see things through His eyes. 1Peter 4:12-13


C. Remember His love for you and testify of His goodness. Ps.40:1-5



Con. Jesus knows the time of testing you may be going through. He will see you through it and in the end we will be able to rejoice with Jesus in heaven.

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