Luke 11:14-28


March 24th, 2019


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Intro – Jesus refers to our bodies as a dwelling place several times in scripture. Todays text speaks about that house being divided.




I. Scripture references to our bodies being a dwelling place’


A. Temple – Jn.2:19-21, ICor.3:16


B. Tent – 2Cor. 5:1, 2Cor.5:6-8


C. House – Lk.11:24, Heb.3:6, 1Pet.2:5


D. Who’s dwelling in your house?


1. We are created spiritual beings. 1Thess.5:23


2. Some spirit dwells within us. Rom.7:18, 20, Rom.8:11




II. A divided house will not stand. 17-23


A. You are either for or against Christ. Matt. 6:24, Joshua 25:15


B. You either gather or scatter. Mt.12:30, Mt.23:37, Jn.10:12


C. You either discourage or encourage. Heb. 10:24-25


D. You cannot be on both sides. 2Cor.6:17-18 




III. A spirit filled house is blessed. 24-28


A. A halfway conversion is worse than none at all. 2Pet.2:20, Lk.8:13


B. No one is more blessed that a Spirit filled Christian. (28) Acts 2:38, Mt.5:6, Mt.7:24



Con. Confess sin, repent  and follow Jesus that’s how you have a house that is not divided.

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