Matthew 4:1-11


March, 17th 2019




Intro – Jesus set the example for us on how to fight temptation. We will all face times of testing and temptation the question is how do we deal with it. Paul was concerned about this with the early Christians. 1Thess.3:5. Being aware of the Tempter is the first step to victory.




I. Rely on God’s word. (1-4)  Rom.1:16


A. Understand what the bible says about temptation. James 1:13


B. The bible must be our authority in defeating temptation. Eph.6:17


C. “It is written”.


1. Know the Scriptures. 2Tim.2:15


2. Speak the Scriptures, memorize and repeat. Ps. 119:11




II. Do not doubt God. (5-7)


A. To resist you must submit. James 4:7


B. Resist by quoting scripture.


1. Trust it. 1Pet.5:9, Ex.17:7


2. Don’t twist it by using part of bible. 2Pet.3:16    


C. Resistance comes in many forms.


1. Control what you see. Ps.101:3, James 1:14-15


2. Plan your activity. Eph.4:27


3. Flee what is wrong or you will reap what you sow.  2Tim.2:22, 1Thess.5:22




III. Worship the Lord Jesus Christ.


A. He understands our temptations. Heb.4:15


B. He alone deserves our worship not Satan. Matt.16:26


1. Forgiveness  1Jn.1:9


2. Eternal life  Jn.3:16


3. Hope and Peace. Titus 1:2


Con. – Satan will do his best to try and get you to be under the bondage of sin again. Be prepared and stand firm in your faith.  1Tim.6:12


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