Luke 8:4-15


Feb. 24th 2019




Intro – Jesus uses a parable to show 4 different ways people receive the word of God. How you respond to the word of God will determine where you spend eternity.




I. Those with a hardened heart.  John 12:37-40


A. They hear but take no action.  Matt.7:26


B. They reject God’s truth by believing Satan’s lies. Gal.3:1, 1Cor.1:23


C. They are not saved. Heb.3:12-13




II. Those with a shallow heart.  2Cor.7:10


A. They believe for a while but lack a repentive heart. Ps.51:2-3,10


B. Not grounded in the word. Ps.119:11, Eph.3:17


C. When tested they fall away. Jude 1:3, Col.1:23




III. Those with a cluttered heart.


A. They believe but lack commitment. Matt.6:33, Heb.12:14, 2Tim.2:22, Ps.34:14


B. Their faith gets crowded out. Matt.6:21


1. By cares or worries. 1Pet.5:7


2. By  riches. Matt.6:24


3. By pleasures. 2Tim.3:4




IV, Those with a good heart.


A. They hear and take action. 1Jn.1:9, Rom.10:13


B. They bear fruit. Matt.5:16




Con. Which heart resembles your heart?


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