Daniel 5:22-31


Feb.17th, 2019




Intro – You have probably heard the phrase “the handwritings on the wall” which today means it’s a done deal something bad is going to happen.  This is where the phrase comes from. It happened to king Belshazzar.




I. His crime.


A. He ignored the truth. He had the example of his father Nebuchadnezzar. Dan.4:30-33


B. He would not humble himself. 2Thess.2:10-12, Jn.14:6


C. He disrespected God. Misused the sanctified vessels of the Lord. Lev.16:2, 2Sam.6:6-7, Mt.21:12, Rev.22:18-19


D. Worshiped idols and refused to glorify God.  Rom.1:20-21




II. His sentence.


A. His kingdom would be taken away. Mt.6:33, Deut.28:15


B. He would be judged deficient. Rom.3:23, Lk.12:5, Matt.25:41


C. He would die. Rom.6:23




III. Our hope.


A. With Christ we will not be found deficient. Col.2:9-10, Rom.8:9-11


B. With Christ we will not be condemned. Rom.5:18, Rom. 8:1


C. With Christ we will live forever.1Jn.5:12-13, Jn.11:25



Con. For those who refuse to repent of sin, the handwritings on the wall. Someday it will be your last day. For Belshazzer it was Oct.12th, 539 BC.  Heb.9:27

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