Matthew 26:26-30


Feb.3rd 2019




Intro- It’s good to review what the bible teaches us about communion. Who should take it? What is accomplished by taking it? Why do we have communion?




I. We come to the communion service with a profession of faith.


A. Without faith you receive no benefit. Heb.11:6, 1Cor.11:26


B. If you are not a believer you should not take communion.


C. We believe Christ is present. Heb.13:5,


1. This “is” my body. We by faith believe this. Matt.18:20


2. He has a physical as well as a spiritual body. Jn.6:48-50, 63


3. To have Christ in us is to have His Holy Spirit dwelling in us. Acts 2:39, Jn.15:4, Jn.14:15-18




II. We come offering ourselves to Christ. Rom.12:1


A. There are times you should not take communion.


1. When you are too young to comprehend sin and grace.


2. When you have not dealt with sin in your life. Matt.5:23-24


3. If you are not a believer. 1Cor.11:27-29, Heb.10:29


B. This is a time to recommit yourself to Christ.




III. We come for spiritual renewal.  2Thess.2:16-17


A. Jesus reminds us that we are forgiven. Ex.12:23, 1Jn.1:7


B. The visible elements remind us of the sacrifice Jesus made for us.  Jn.3:16, Rev.1:5, Jn.6:40




Con. Be assured that your sins are forgiven by the precious blood of the Lamb of God. Is.1:18


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