Balaam vs God




Jan.27th, 2018




Intro – to understand our text today you need to review the entire account of Balaam in scripture. 


            See Numbers 22:12, 22:17, 22:19, 22:22, 23:25. Our text picks up with Balak’s angry response to      Balaam. Take note of Balaam’s downward spiral into sin.




I.  God communicates with Balaam.


A. God communicates with all of us.  Heb.1:1-2, Jn.16:8, Jn.6:44


B. Through our consciences. Rom.2:14-15, Acts 2:37, Lk.3:10, 12, 14


C. First preach sin 2Pet.2:15, then gospel. Lk.3:7,18,  1Jn.1:9




II. Balaam questions God’s authority.


A. Balaam went against God’s stated will.  Num.22:19, 32


B. Thus he questioned God’s authority. Jude 11,


C. When God clearly says something is sin don’t ask for a second opinion. 1Sam.28:6-7 (Saul)


D. When God says something is true, don’t doubt it.  1Tim.6:20, Col.2:8




III. Balaam encouraged sin through compromise.


A. He got the Israelites to sin. Num.31:16, Rev.2:14


B. Don’t compromise with the world.1Jn.2:15-17,  2Cor.6:15-17


C. Don’t cause others to stumble. Rom.8:21, Matt.18:6, Matt.24:11




Con.  Balaam found out God keeps His word.  Num.31:8. This is true for us also. He keeps His word concerning punishment. He keeps His word concerning forgiveness. 


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