John 2:1-11

Jan.20th, 2019




 Intro – With the lack of any biblical evidence to indicate otherwise we can assume Jesus had lived what would be a pretty normal human life. Heb.4:15.  Our text reflexes that truth but shows us this was about to change.

 I. He attends a wedding.


            A. He always knew what His mission was.  (4) Luke 19:10

            B. He had spent 30 years manifesting His human side. Lk.2:51-52
                        1. Obeyed His parents
                        2. Helped His father
                        3. Showed kindness to all.

C. He still showed He cared about human events. Rom.12:15, Lk.15:10, Jn.11:35, Lk.19:41-44, 1Peter 5:7

II. Mary knew her Son.


            A. She had 30 years to ponder His being special. Lk.2:19, Lk.2:51

            B. He had not performed any miracles. (11)

            C. Mary still knew enough to know He was in charge. (5)

 III. Jesus starts to reveal Who He is. (11)

            A. John spoke of this day. Jn.1:14

                        1. Word became flesh – His birth.

                        2. Dwelt among men – His life from birth to 30.

                        3. Saw His glory – His ministry years, 30-33. Mt.16:15-16

            B. His glory refers to His deity. Jn.11:4, Jn 12:16, Jn.17:10, 2Thess.1:10

            C. He would perform many other “signs” to prove He is God. Jn.5:36, Jn.10:37, Jn.15:24

 Con. When you read of His miracles do you believe?  Jn.1:12.   Although not physically here on earth He still performs miracles to help you believe. Do you believe?


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