Luke 2:41-52






Intro- Being subdued is not something one likes to think about. It speaks of being conquered or defeated. In our text (vs 51) today we see Jesus subjected Himself or placed Himself under another’s authority. This is true humility.




I. He willing put Himself in subjection.


A. He refused to use His divine powers. Phil.2:7-8


B. He put Himself under His parent’s authority even though they did not understand. (49) Heb.5:8


C. He placed Himself under governing authority. Jn.19:11




II. He did this as an example for us.


A. Parents        Eph.6:1, Col.3:20


B. Spouse        Eph.5:21


C. Disciples    Jn.13:5, 13, 15


D. Government            Rom.13:1, Titus 3:1


E. Spiritual leaders     Heb.13:7, Heb.13:17


F. God the Father        Matt.26:42, Rom.10:3




III. His parents were not perfect.


A. He was!  Heb.4:15. Yet He obeyed His parents. Rom.3:23


B. No human institution is perfect but we must respect authority. Rom.13:2




Con. If we cannot respect human authority we will be unwilling to show respect for God’s authority over us.




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