Matthew 2:19-23


Jan.6th 2019





Intro – Although our text may not have any profound theological statements in it, we can learn something from how Joseph and Mary responded to the Lord.  They are a good example for us to follow.




I. Joseph had learned obedience.  Deut.28:2


A. He was going to break off his engagement until told not to. Lk.1:38, Mt.1:19-20


B. He left his house as the angel commanded. Mt.2:13


C. He obeyed the Lord to leave Egypt.  (21)


D. He showed great patience. They remained in Egypt 2-3 years.  James 5:7




II. Joseph did not have the full picture.


A. He obeyed without having all the details. Jer.29:11, Ps.40:5


B. God’s will was accomplished through Joseph’s actions. Matt.1:22-23, Matt.2:17-18, Mt.2:23


C. God directed his path as he lived in obedience. Mt.6:33, Prov.3:5-6, Ps.119:133




III. Joseph was a part of a bigger picture.


A. He did not get further instruction until he obeyed the first command. (22)


B. Christ had to grow up in Nazareth. (23)


C. To be called a Nazarene was a reproach. Jn.1:46, Jn.19:19, Is.53:3. Ps.22:6-7, Is.49:7


D. We should see our lives as a part of the bigger picture.




Con. – Let us be like Joseph and Mary. When the Lord leads us let us obey and trust Him to carry out His will.


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