His lovingkindness


Isaiah 63:7-14


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Intro – The end of the year is a good time to think about the past year and all the lovingkindnesses that God has shown you. It’s good to remember what the Lord has done.




I.  He saved us. Matt.1:21


A. According to His compassion. 1Pet.5:7, Is.30:18


B. He redeemed us, brought us back because He loves us. 1Jn.4:10, 2Thess.2:16-17




II. He knows us.


A. Because he is like us. Phil.2:7, Heb.4:15


B. He has emotions like us. Mt.9:36, Lk.19:41-42, Lonely-Mt.26:40-41, Betrayed-Jn.6:71


1. Afflicted. Luke 24:26, Is.53:4-7


2. Grieved. Mt.26:37-38, Eph.4:30


3. Because of this He understands us.  Ps.139:2-4, Ps.103:14




III. He leads us.


A. Even if He has to fight us. Num.22:31, Heb.12:5-7


B. By empowering us with his Holy Spirit. 11, 14, Jn.16:13


C. Remember he has bought you this far. 1Sam.7:12, Ps.111:4, Is.54:10




Con. Will you make mention of the Lord’s lovingkindness?


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