John 1:19-28


Dec.23rd 2018




Intro – How would you answer that question? As we look at John’s response let us think about our own.






I. John doesn’t claim to be more than he is.


A. Not the Messiah, Elijah or Prophet. Just humble servant. (27) Jn.3:30


B. Not physically Elijah but he did come in same spirit. Matt.17:10-13


C. Do you see yourself as a humble servant of Christ?


1. Sinner saved by grace.  1Tim.1:15, 1Cor.15:9, Eph.3:8


2. Slave to Christ’s will. 1Cor.9:19




II. He is a fulfillment of prophecy.


A. The voice. Is.40:3


B. One who would proclaim a coming Savior. Saved from, Rev.6:16, Rom.5:9, Mt.13:41-42


C. In a sense we are a fulfillment of prophecy. Is.9:2, Lk.1:79, Is.53:11






III. This is what he would do.


A. Prepare people to receive Christ. Amos 4:12


1. Prepare through repentance. “make straight” remove the obstacles.  Eph.4:25-31, Lk 13:3


2. Prepare to receive. Ps.34:18, Ps.51:17


B. Have you been crushed by the guilt of sin? Then rejoice a Savior has been born. Mt.1:21




Con. Who are you? A sinner who has come to Jesus for forgiveness and salvation?


How to be Saved

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