1Cor. 4:1-5




Dec. 16th, 2018




Intro- The context of our text today is unity among believers, see 1Cor.3:4-5, 9, 22-23. So Paul is speaking about how we should see each other but also how we should behave as servants of God.




I. We should regard each other as “servants of Christ”.   Matt.25:40


A. To be His servant you first must be His child. Mt.7:21-23


B. Only those who receive Him are His children. Jn.1:12


C. Our work is to share the (mysteries) or message of God.  Rom.16:25-26, Luke 2:10




II. As servants we should be trustworthy. 2Tim.2:15


A. Our trustworthiness does not depend on human approval.  Lk.6:22, Matt.25:23


B. To be a trustworthy servant means to be true to God’s word. Lk 19:10, 1Tim.1:15




III. As servants we should have pure motives.


A. Your motives should be the same as God’s.  Jn. 3:17, Matt.28:19


1. He sent His Son into this world to save sinners. Jn.3:16


2. Everything we do should have that same motivation. Ps.51:13


B. Check your actions and motives against that truth. Lk.1:76-77



Con. And leave the unknown in God’s hands. Christmas is a special time to demonstrate peace and goodwill towards others. Luke 2:14

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