Romans 13:11-14


December 2nd 2018






Intro – To wake up means you become aware of your surroundings again. You see things as they really are.




I. Do you know the time?


A. The scriptures give us many. Anti-Jewish, anti-Christian sentiment. Matt.24:9


B. Unbelievers don’t know the time and thus do not repent. 2Pet.3:3-4


C. Like the dawn, things become visible before the sun actually has risen.  Mt.16:2-3




II. As believers you know the Lord’s return is near.


A. So separate yourself from deeds of darkness. Lk.21:34-36,


B. So be a light and live like a Christian. Eph.5:11, 1Pet.4:3-4




III. Don’t give the devil a chance. Eph.6:13


A. Let Jesus completely control your life. Gal.2:20


B. Make no provision for sin. 1Cor.10:12-13



Con. – Being awake means knowing who the enemy is (Satan) and taking steps to resist him.

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