Nov. 25th 2018




Intro – Our text is speaking of two kinds of rest for the believers (vs 3 and 9).  One is ours now and the other is ours in the future.




I. Our rest depends on faith. Heb.4:2


A. People who try to earn salvation will never have rest. Jn.19:30


B. Rest comes from trusting His word.  Mt.11:28, Rom.3:28


C. Rest comes when we are at peace with God.   Rom.5:1




II. There is a rest that we have now.  Jn.14:27


A. The wicked have no rest. Is.57:20-21, Jer.6:14


1. When we don’t follow God’s will.  Num.22:12, 22


2. When we seek another way His word will convict. (12-13) Jn.14:6


B. We have rest when we recognize salvation is a gift. Is.26:3, Rom.10:13, Heb.10:22, Eph.2:8-9


C. Knowledge of God’s promises brings rest. Jn.1:12, Heb.6:17-19, Ps.4:8, Ps.29:11, 1Jn.5:12




III. There is a rest that is yet to come.


A. When we get to heaven. Jn.14:2


B. We will rest from the good fight. 1Tim.6:12, Eph.6:12 


C. It is ours if we are faithful. Heb.3:14, 2Tim.4:8, James 1:12




Con. Are you resting in the finished work of Jesus now, trusting Him for the forgiveness of your sin?  Then you can look forward to a final rest from all trials and heartaches when Jesus takes you home to heaven.


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