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Mark 10:17-27




Sept. 30th 2018




Intro – Jesus had just finished telling the people they must receive God’s kingdom like a child. Man’s reasoning many times keeps him from coming to salvation. Salvation is trusting Jesus.




I. It’s possible for the spiritually blind to see. (17-22)


A. This man didn’t know how to get eternal life.


1. He only recognized Jesus as a good teacher. Matt.16:16


2. He thought he was keeping the commandments. Rom.3:23, James 2:10 


B. Jesus has compassion on him.  Eph.4:15, 2 Peter 3:9


C. Jesus reveals to him his sin, other gods.  Ex.20:3, Matt.6:24




II. It is possible for all to have eternal life. (23-25)


A. “Whoever” means anyone or everyone.  Jn.3:16, Rom.10:13


B. It is hard for some. Acts 26:14


1. Because of the bondage of sin. Rom.7:14


2. Because of self-dependence.  Matt.6:20




III. It is possible for God to do what man cannot. (26-27)


A. Man cannot earn salvation but Jesus gives it freely.  Rom.8:32, Rom.3:24


B. Unrighteous man cannot make himself righteous but Jesus can. 2Cor.5:21, Rom.3:21-22




Con. Never question God’s ability to forgive you and save you for all eternity. Heb.7:25


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