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Galatians 5:1-14




Sept. 23rd, 2018




Intro – Justification and sanctification by grace alone is the theme of this letter to the Galatians. As Charles Ryrie in his introduction to Galatians puts it, “Forget about merit-salvation through obedience to the law of Moses. Man is too weak by nature to accomplish self-salvation or self-sanctification.”




I. Trusting Jesus saves you and keeps you in God’s grace. (1, 13-14)


A. You did not free yourself from the law and sin, Christ freed you.


1. He freed you from the law by fulfilling it for you. Mt.5:17, Rom.8:1-4


2. He freed you from sin by taking your sin on Himself. 2Cor.5:21


B. We are grafted into God’s family by grace through faith. Eph.2:8, Jn.15:5-6, Rom.11:19-23


C. Love and gratitude motivate us to keep the law. Rom.6:1-2, 1Cor.8:9, 1Pet.2:15-16




II. Trusting the law will separate you from God’s grace.  (2-7)


A. If you trust the law instead of grace you will be cut off. Jn.15:6, Rom.11:22


B. Never stop trusting in Jesus Christ alone for your salvation. Heb.3:12-14


C. Jesus paid for your sin. Is.53:5, 1Pet.2:24, 1Cor.15:3




III. The smallest exception to that truth will infect you with false teaching. (8-12)


A. False teachings start with small variations. 2Pet.3:17, Gal.1:6-7.  Hebrew Roots “but”


B. To mix the law in any way with salvation by grace is wrong. 2Cor.11:3-4,


C. The littlest leaven (false teaching) will end in separation from Christ. Gal.5:4




Con. – Don’t mix law and grace. This is the great sin of every cult that has ever started up. They want you to believe somehow some way you must do something to be saved, to please God.  No, just accept the truth that Jesus paid for your sin and accept the free gift of salvation that He freely offers. Through repentance and faith in Jesus eternal life will be yours. 1Jn.5:12-13


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