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Deut 32:39-40


Sept. 16th, 2018




Intro- When you hear a phrase like “right hand of God” God is using human phrases to help us understand Who He is. He is an all-powerful, Sovereign God.




I. By His hand comes life and death. (39a)


A. He is the only One who determines life and death. Is.45:6-7, Is.42:8,


1. Foolish people will still pray to someone else. 1Cor.8:4-6, 1Tim.2:5


2. Foolish people will worship someone or something else. Rom.1:21-25


B. Knowing this you should yield to His power. 1Pet.5:6




II. By His hand we are delivered.  (39b) 


A. He has shown this throughout history. Ex.7:4-5


B. His hand is moved by obedience. Ps.81:10-14


C. He can deliver you.


1. From physical harm. Is.43:1


2. From spiritual death. Is.43:25, Jn.10:28




III. His hand is all-powerful. (40)   Acts 7:55-56, Mt.28:18


A. We serve the one true God. Is.43:13


B. He has paid for our sin. Heb.10:12, 1Jn.2:1, Rom.8:34




Con. Have you seen the hand of God in your life?  Delivering you from sin and death, protecting you, and guiding you? Place your hand in His and you will experience the power of God in your life.


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