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Sept. 9th 2018




Intro- The discussion in chapter 7 is about marriage. In the middle of that discussion we find our text which really has a whole topic of its own. Time as we know it is going to end. Paul is hinting at the Lord’s return.




I. We should evaluate our relationships based on the urgency of the times we live in.


A. We are to love our spouse and children.  Eph.5:25, 33   1Tim.5:8, 1Cor.7:3


B. We should not seek peace at any cost. Matt. 10:34-36


C. We must seek the Lord above all. Luke 14:26-27






II. We should temper our emotions according to the times we live in.


A. Our future destiny changes how we weep. Acts 21:13-14,  1Thess.4:13


B. Our future destiny changes how we rejoice. Luke 10:20, Jn.9:4




III. We should recognize the temporary existence of this world and its possessions.


A. Don’t fall in love with this world’s goods. Matt.6:24, Luke 14:18-20, 24,  Luke 12:16-21


B. All of this is passing away. 1Jn.2:15-17, 2Peter 3:10-13, 2Cor.4:18




Con. – Be free from concern and fully engage in service to Christ.




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