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Matthew 6:9-10


May 6th 2018


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Intro – Prayer will be something you find to be a useful tool in your walk with the Lord. In Luke ch.11 the disciples had asked Jesus to “teach us to pray”.  So He taught them this prayer.  Three things are said in relationship with our Father in heaven.




I. Hallowed be Thy name.


            A. Hallowed means to sanctify, to set apart as holy. Jn.17:19, 1Cor.6:11


                        1. Immanuel – Mt.1:23, Eph.1:21


                        2. Jesus – Mt.1:21, Acts 4:12, Rom.10:13


                        3. God will honor His name. Phil.2:9-10


            B. Don’t take His name in vain. Ex.20:7


            C. Glorify His name. Col.3:17, Acts 11:26, 2Thess.1:11-12, James 2:7




II. Thy kingdom come.


            A. Spiritually His kingdom has come, has it come into you?  Mk.1:15, Acts 2:38-39, Mt.7:21


            B. Physically He will reign over His kingdom here on earth. Mt.25:34, Rev.20:6


            C. When you pray this you are asking Him to come and set up His kingdom. 1Thess.4:16-18




III. Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.


            A. Jesus set the example. Lk.22:42


            B. We are asking His will be done in our lives. 1Thess.4:3, Gal.5:17, Phil.2:13


            C. We are asking His will be done in the world.  Rev.22:3-5




Con.  May all of us hallow God’s name. If you have not, welcome His kingdom into your heart. If you have then seek His will to be done in your life each day.


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