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1Peter 1:3-9


April 22nd 2018




Intro –  Proof of faith doesn’t come easy. Faith can only be proved through trial. Or as our text says today “by fire”.




I. Do you have faith? 3-5



A. If you don’t have faith you can’t test it.


1. Faith comes by hearing the word. Rom.10:17


2. Faith comes by listening to what you hear. Rom.10:16, Mt.7:24


3. Listening means doing what is said, responding to what you hear. Ex.7:4,13  Neh.9:16, Ps.81:11, 1Jn.1:9


B. Faith is not head knowledge but trust. Is.28:12, Mt.11:28, Mk.1:15, Acts 2:38, 2Tim.2:25



II. Has your faith been tested? 6-7  2Tim.3:12



A. Don’t mistake self inflicted pain for a testing. 1Pet.4:15


B. Testing comes when you do the right thing and suffer. 1Pet.4:12-14, 19, Rev.6:9, Rev.12:11


C. Testing comes for the right purpose. James 1:3-4  2Cor.1:4


III. Is your faith revealed? 8-9



A. You love Someone you do not see.  1Jn.4:10, 19


B. You believe Someone you do not see. Jn.20:29


C. You trust and rejoice in Someone you do not see.  Ps.62:5-8


Con – Are you standing firm and trusting Jesus today. When the going gets tough and Satan attacks, stand firm on the Solid Rock. Eph.6:13


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