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Luke 24:36-43

April 8th, 2018+




Intro – I believe in “the resurrection of the body” The bodily resurrection of Jesus is the foundation of Christianity. It’s why the devil works so hard to get people to deny it.


I. The denial of the bodily resurrection of Jesus does 3 things.

 A. Calls Jesus a liar. Jn.2:19-22                               

B. Ignores the fall of Adam affected his spirit, soul and body. Mt. 5:28, 1Cor.6:18, James1:15

1. Broke fellowship with God. Gen.3:8

2. Set his soul on a path to hell. Matt.7:13, Lk.13:24, Rom.3:23

3. Brought physical death to his body. Rom.5:12

C. Rejects the idea that Jesus came to restore us. 1Jn:3:8, Rom.8:3, Phil.3:21


II. The devil tried to destroy Jesus.

A. Just like he did Adam and Eve. Matt.4:9-10

B. He thought he had won. Luke 23:46

C. Jesus would not stay dead! Luke 24:5-6


III.  It is our hope for a complete salvation/restoration.

A. We will have a new immortal body. 2Cor.5:1-4, 1Cor.15:54-55.

B. It will be like Jesus.

1. Recognizable. (39)

2. Incorruptible. 1Cor.15:53

3. Like Jesus.  1Jn.3:2

C. What happened to Jesus will happen to us. Rom.8:11

Con. Without the resurrection of His body Jesus would have failed in His mission of salvation and restoration.
But He did not fail.   1Peter 5:10, Rom.8:23

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