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Isaiah 3:10-12

March 25th 2018



Intro – The bible speaks about our sins being placed on Jesus but doesn’t tell us exactly when that took place.  I believe our text today gives us a pretty good clue.

I.  He was crushed because He became a “guilt offering”.  (10) Is.53:5

A. We know our sins were placed on Him. 2Cor.5:21,

B. When He said “Thy will be done” He became our guilt offering. Luke 22:42-44, (Hematohidrosis)

C. Judas delivered Him over to the Roman guards. Rom.4:25

II. His life was prolonged.  (10)

A. He rose from the dead.

B. His resurrection was proof God was satisfied with the guilt offering. (11)

C. His resurrection was proof our sins were paid for. (11) Rom.6:23, Heb.9:26, Heb.10:10, 12

D. We are justified by trusting in His finished work. Jn.19:30, Rom.3:28

III. He will be known for His great work of salvation. (12)

A.  We eagerly await the return of our Savior. Heb.9:28, Rev.19:14

B.  The world will know Him as the Savior. Is.52:15

C.  Every unbeliever will someday confess He is Lord. Phil.2:9-11

Con. –What amazing love He showed us by becoming our “guilt offering”. The children recognized Him as “King of Kings and Lord of Lords”. Can you sing of Him today as your King?



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