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Luke 1:46-56

March 18th 2018



Intro – Mary sings her praise to God for all He has done including choosing her to be the mother of the  Messiah.  Through her He would carry out His promise to Abraham to bless all nations.


I. God helps the humble.

A. She was a slave to God’s will. (48) Rom.6:18, 22

B. She showed a humble attitude. (38)  1Cor.1:26-28

C. She expressed a need for a Savior. (47) Rom.3:10, 23


II. God helps those who glorify Him.       Ole Hallesby prayer

A. She exalts (magnifies) the Lord.   (46) Ps.34:2

1. By knowing scripture.    1Sam.2:1-10, Ps.37:30-31

2. By telling what God has done.    Ps.98:1-3

B. He is the One who has done great things. (49) Jude 1:25


III. God helps those who trust Him.

A. With trust comes respect for who He is. (50) Luke 12:5, Rev.21:7-8

B. He had fulfilled His promise to Abraham. (54-55)  Gen.12:3, Lk.2:11, Mt 1:21, Phil 2:7


Con. God can use you if you humble yourself before Him and allow Him to have His will done in your life.

Then your life will glorify Him also. You will sing His praises for what He has done for you.

“Lord if it will be to Your glory heal suddenly.  If it will glorify You more, heal gradually; if it will glorify You even more, may your servant remain sick awhile; and if it will glorify Your name still more, take him to Yourself in heaven.”   Hallesby

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