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John 6:48-63

March 11, 2018 



Intro.  Jesus uses several analogies to explain Himself to us. He is the Bread, Door, Living Water, Light, Vine, Shepard, etc.  He was speaking figuratively to help us understand Who He is.  Jn.10:6, Jn.16:25

I. Bread

A. “Our daily bread”, we need food to stay alive. Mt.6:11

B. It gives life and growth, Jesus knew everyone eats bread.

II. What are the comparisons between bread and Christ?

A. You can’t live without food, bread gives life.

B. Spiritually you cannot live without Christ. He gives eternal life. (50, 58)  1Jn.5:12

C. Spiritually you cannot grow without Christ.  Jn.15:5-6

III. What are the differences between bread and Christ?

A.  Bread gives life but only temporally.

B.  Christ gives life forever. Jn.6:27, 33

C.  Bread is taken in physically.

D.  Christ is taken in spiritually by faith. (61-63) Heb.6:4-5

1.  Be careful what kind of bread you eat. Mt.16:11-12

2.  You don’t have life if you do not receive Christ into yourself. Jn.1:12, Rom.10:13, 1Cor.10:17

3.  You don’t grow spiritually unless you are feeding on Christ (His words). Jn.4:32,34, 1Cor.10:3, James 1:21, Ps.119:11, Col.1:5-6

Con. Have you received this “Bread of heaven”?


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