Luke 10:17-20


Intro – The Lord wants us to rejoice and He gives us many reasons to do so.

I. Rejoice that God is all-powerful.

            A. Demons are no match for the power of God. 1Jn.4:4

            B. Nothing in nature is more powerful than God. Col.1:16

                        1. No animals. Dan.6:22, Acts 28:3-5

                        2. Nothing in nature, wind, rain, fire, etc. Dan.3:17-18

                        3. No person. 1Sam.2:6, Lk.12:4-5, 1Pet.3:22

II. Rejoice that Satan has ben defeated.

            A. Jesus is the Victor. Gen.3:15, Is.14:12-15, Matt.4:10, Rev.20:10

            B. We are protected, we are the ones who conquer. Lk.12:6-7, 32,  Rom.8:37-39

III. Rejoice that your name is recorded in heaven.

            A. Casting out demons doesn’t assure you a place in heaven. Matt.7:22

            B. Having your name in the Lamb’s book of life does.  Rev.21:27

            C. All heaven rejoices when that happens. Lk.15:10

                        1. Nothing greater than rescuing someone from Satan’s power. Jn.1:12, Eph.5:1,8

                        2. No better news than to know someone is living or Jesus. 3 Jn.1:4

Con. If you have called on Jesus to save you, rejoice, there’s a new name written down in heaven. This process  has been from the beginning of time and will continue to the end of time. Dan. 12:1, Phil.4:3, Rev.21:27

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