Isaiah 55:10-13

February 4th 2018

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Intro – In our text today the Lord used an example in nature to teach us spiritual truth.

I. His word is like the Hydrological cycle.

A. This is a perfect example of God’s knowledge vs man.

1. Science “discovered” the Hydrological cycle in the 1600’s.

2. Isaiah writes about it 2000 years before it is discovered.

B. God says this is also how His word works.  Ps.119:105, Mt.5:45, 2Pet.3:9

II. His word will accomplish what He wants.

A. Here are a few of the things it does.

1. Reveals hardened hearts. Jer.23:29, Acts 13:46

2. Reveals bitterness. James 3:14

3. Reveals a rebellious spirit. Jn.12:48

4. Convicts of sin. Heb.4:12

5. Enlightens 2Tim.3:15

6. Produces spiritual fruit. Lk.8:15

7. Saves. Rom.1:16, 1Cor.1:18           

B. So always plant the word of God in hearts. 1Cor.15:58

III. The word brings about change.

A. We will think differently. 2Cor.5:17-18

B. When you receive Christ and His word many things change.

1. You are filled with confidence and praise. Ps.56:4

2. You have reverence for the things of God. Ps.119:38

3. Christ like character. Ps.119:11

4. You have hope. Ps.119:49, Jn.14:3

5. Hope that brings joy, peace and comfort. Rom.15:13

Con. – The question is, have you opened your heart to the good news of God’s word. Jn.5:24


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