Matthew 25:14-30

January 28th, 2018


Intro – God expects all members to participate in some way in order to benefit the whole church. Every part of the body is necessary for the body to function properly. Our text makes it clear how the Lord feels about non-participation. Don’t be the one doing nothing!

I. All believers have been given ability from God.  14-15

A. Jesus is the One who has gone on a long journey. Acts 1:9

B. Jesus is the One who has entrusted you with your ability. Acts 1:8, 1Cor.12:11


II. All believers are responsible for what they do with their ability. 16-18

A. Each of us should be doing something. Ps.103:14, Phil.4:13,

B. The purpose is to benefit the body of Christ, your church. 1Cor.12:18, 27  


III. All of us will be held accountable. 19-30

A. Christ will come again and grade your service. 1Cor.3:13, Matt.25:34-35, 41-42

B. Do something to reveal you love the Lord.  James 2:26, James 4:17

Con. How will you participate in the work of the Lord? How will you show that you love Jesus?  We are saved by grace not works but if you are saved it should show in what you do. Eph.2:8-10


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