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1Peter 1:10-13

December 24th, 2017


Intro – the fact that a Savior was going to come was something the OT believers knew well.

I. It was well prophesied.

A. His birth. Is.7:14, Is.9:6, Micah 5:2

B. His suffering. Is.53:4-5

C. His glorification. Zech.14:4, 16

D. Jesus knew the OT prophets prophesied about Him.. Lk.24:25-27, 44

II. The prophets knew the Savior would not come during their time.

A. Daniel – Dan.12:8-9

B. Abraham – Gen.22:18

C. Isaiah – Is.2:2-3

D. Jesus reminds the people of that truth. Matt.13:17

III. It was for our time that the covenant of grace was given. Jn.1:17

A. The law was for the Jews but grace is for everyone. Acts 28:28, Eph.3:6

B. The good news of Christmas is that His grace is offered to all. Lk.2:11, Acts 10:43, Acts 4:12,

1. So prepare for action. Rom.1:16, 1Pet.3:15

2. Be sober in spirit = be calm, level headed. Act on facts not emotions. 1Pet.4:7, 1Pet.5:8

C. Therefore we should trust completely in the finished work of Christ for our salvation. Jn.19:28,30

Con. – Live like you believe the promises and that you believe Jesus is coming again soon

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