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2 Peter 1:19-21

December, 17th 2017


Intro –The Bible is God’s word to us and He wants us to know that it is reliable. Anytime we deal with the subject of prophecy we must do so in the context of 1Cor.13:8 and Rev.22:18.

I. Prophecies fulfilled prove the Bible to be God’s word. 19

A. Prophets had to be perfect in their predictions. Deut.18:20-22

B. Prophets had to agree with the word of God.  Deut.13:1-5

C. Separate yourselves from false prophets/teachers. 2Thess. 3:1-6, Rom.16:17-19, Mt.18:17, Eph.3:10

II. Prophecies are not one person’s interpretation.  20

A. We are not allowed to twist Scripture. 2 Tim.2:15, 2 Pet 3:16

B. We are not allowed to change scripture.  Rev.22:18-19

III. Fulfilled prophecy makes the word more sure.  21

A. It reveals Holy Spirit as the author of the Bible. Only He could have fulfilled them.

1. Bless the world through Jesus. Gen.12:3, Gal.3:16

2. Born through tribe of Judah. Gen.49:10, Heb.7:14

3. Lineage of David. 2Sam.7:12-13, Lk.1:31-33

4. Virgin birth & named Immanuel. Is.7:14, Mt.1:22-23

5. Born in Bethlehem. Micah 5:2, Lk 2:4-6

6. Gifts given to Him. Is.60:6, Mt.2:11

7. Spirit of God upon Him. Is.11:2, Jn.1:32, Lk.4:18

B. God is still showing Who He is by what He does.  Prov.21:1

Con. God fulfills prophecy so we know that we  can trust God to keep His word. He has in the past and will in the present and future.


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