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Micah 4:1-7

December 10th, 2017



Intro – Our text todays speaks of the Lord’s second coming and His thousand year reign on earth. Just as surely as His first coming happened so will His second.


I.  It will happen in the “last days”. vs 1

A. What are the last days? Mt.24:3ff, 2Tim.3:1-4, 7, 2Tim 4:3-4, 2Pet.3:3-4

B. The days of Israel’s regathering. Duet.30:3-5, Is.11:11-12, Rom.11:25-26

C. A time of the rebuilt temple and Jerusalem being the center of attention. Ezk.40, Ezk.38-39


II. It will be a time of world peace. Luke 1:79

A. Weapons of war changed into tools for peace. vs 3.

B. Peaceful living for everyone. vs 4.


III. It will take place literally.

A. People of all nations will come to Jerusalem to seek Christ’s will. vs 3.

B. He will rule over the world with the believers. vs 7, Rev.20:4


Con. – At His first coming He set up a spiritual kingdom and offered inner peace. At His second coming He will establish world peace. The King of Kings and Lord of Lords is coming again. There truly will be Joy in the world.


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