Numbers 6:22-27

June 4th, 2023

Intro - Most of you realized as we read our text that those are the words we close our service with each Sunday. I raise my hand because that's what Jesus did (Luke 24:50) and we repeat the words God told us to say. What does it all mean? We are calling on God to do something for you.

I. Bless you. Carries the thought of being fond of you.

            A. When we bless God it means we worship, respect and honor Him. Ps.103:1-2

            B. When God blesses us it means He shows great affection for us.  Deut.10:15, James 1:17

                        1. He wants what is best for you. Deut. 28:11-12 

                        2. His blessing starts with salvation. Acts 3:26

II. Keep you. The thought of guarding you.

            A. He will watch over and guard you. Ps.17:8, Ps.121:4

            B. He knows what goes on around you. 1Sam.2:9, Ps.91:11 

III. Shine upon you.  To enlighten you.  Luke 1:79

            A. To understand salvation. Ps.80:3

            B. For spiritual guidance.  Ps.119:105

IV. Gracious to you.  His provisions for you.

            A. For spiritual healing. Ps.41:4

            B. For physical healing. Ps.86:16

V. Lift up His countenance on you. He smiles on you.

            A. To have His favor. Ps.4:6, Ps.89:15

            B. To have His strength to endure. 1Pet.2:19-20

VI. Give you peace.  Assurance of salvation.

            A. Peace comes through knowing Christ. Is.57:21, Rom.5:1 

            B. Peace because we are saved. Rom.8:1, John 14:2-3, 27   

Con. - When you hear the benediction think about what it really means. God told us to remind each other of these wonderful truths when we meet.


Isaiah 44:1-6

May 28th, 2023 

Intro - The bible gives us over 100 names or titles for Jesus. This is one of them and it speaks of His deity.

I. He has been there from the beginning of your life. (1-2)

            A. In the womb. Jer.1:5, Lk.1:15, Is.44:24

            B. Satan wants to destroy the unborn. Amos 1:13, 2Kings 8:12

            C. God has chosen to work with us from the womb to the tomb.

                        1. To bless those who believe. Matt.18:6, Ps.22:9, Ps.139:13

                        2. To punish those who rebel. Ps.58:3, Ps.51:5, Rom.3:23 

II. He was there as you grew up. (3-5)

            A. He provided us with the Holy Spirit. Acts 2:38-39

            B. He continues to be with us. Heb.13:5, Is.41:10

            C. As the last Adam He provides eternal life. 1Cor.15:45

III. He will be with us in the end. (6)

            A. Because He has redeemed us. Rom.8:38-39

            B. He promises to return for us. Rev.22:12-13, 1Thess.4:18, Jn.14:3

            C. He is with us in death. Ps.34:22, Ps.116:15, Jn.11:25-26, 2Cor.5:8

Con. The God who always has been and always will be is the God who takes care of you







Isaiah 54:7-10

May 14th, 2023

Intro - God was reminding the Jewish people that although they had been punished, God had not forgotten them. He always keeps His word, his promises.

I. God does discipline wrong behavior.

            A. That is why the Jews went into captivity. Rom.11:20

            B. You are not exempt from discipline. Rom.11:21

            C. God disciplines those He loves. Heb.12:6        

II. Discipline does not last forever.

            A. God would bless them again.

                        1. By gathering them together. Is.11:12, Ezk.37:1-5, 11-14, Rom.11:25

                        2. He is their Redeemer.  Is.51:11

            B. God is longsuffering. 2Pet.3:9, Rom.11:23

III. God keeps His word. 

            A. His love for us is eternal. Heb.13:5

            B. His offer of peace through forgiveness still stands.  Jn.14:27, 1Jn.1:9, 1Thess.4:18

Con. Trust the word of God. Build your life and your relationship with Him around His promises.







Luke 11:5-13

May 21, 2023

Intro - Jesus wants you to know your prayers will be answered. In today's text they are told that if they would ask for the Holy Spirit the Father would give Him. Which He did at Pentecost. What does our text teach us about prayer?

I. We need to ask.

            A. As believers we receive the Holy Spirit when we ask to be saved. Acts 2:38-39

            B. We should continue to ask that He fill us. Acts 13:52, Acts 4:31, Acts 4:19-20

            C. We need to ask correctly. James 4:3

                        1. In His (Jesus) name. Jn.14:13-14, Jn.16:23

                        2. In faith, believing. Mt.21:22, Mk.11:24

                        3. According to His will. Matt.6:10, 1Jn.5:14

II. Seek the things of God.  Matt.6:33

            A. Seek for a right relationship. Jn.15:7

            B. Seek to have a clear conscience, sin hinders prayer. 1Pet.3:7, James 5:16

            C. Seek with a clean heart. 1Pet.3:12, Jn.9:31, Ps.34:15, Ps.66:18

III. We need to knock (take action).

            A. Faith is revealed in action. Matt.7:24, Matt.12:13

            B. Draw near to God. Heb.10:22, James 4:8

                        1 Through fellowship.  Malachi 3:16

                        2. Through separation.  2Cor.6:14, 17

Con.- If you are living your life for Jesus and you ask for His will to be done in your life then you can be absolutely certain He will answer your pray.


Isaiah 5:1-7

May 7th 2023

Intro - The vineyard in our text today is used as a symbol for God's people. If you are a Christian here today, you are a part of His vineyard.

I. God has worked hard to make you, His vineyard. (salvation)

            A. He prepared good soil, the work of the Spirit. Matt.21:33, Jn.16:8, Jn.6:44

            B. "Choicest vine" = Christ in you, Spirit filled, Christ centered life. Gal.2:20, Jn.15:4

II. God works hard to improve you.  (sanctification)

            A. Tower = His protection from the wiles of the devil. Eph.6:11

            B. Protecting means teaching and discipline. (pruning) Jn.15:2, Heb.12:6, 11

            C. When you allow it to change you, you will bear fruit. Lk.8:15

            D. Bearing fruit brings blessing. Mal.3:11

III. God expects fruit.  Jer.2:21

            A. Unfruitfulness is punished. Jn,15:6

                        1. Hedge removed. (5)

                                    a. You are open to false teaching. Jer.12:10

                                    b. You are closed to the Spirit and cannot discern. Eph.4:30, Heb.3:15

                        2. Wall removed. (5) Run over with unbelievers.

            B. God stops pruning! Spiritual life is choked out!  Lk.8:14, Mk.3:29

Con. Don't go down the path of unfruitfulness. Instead grow in Christ, fellowship with other believers.

Live out God's desire for you to be plant that bears fruit for Jesus.

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