Colossians 3:1-11

October 10th 2021

Intro – Paul has just told the Christians that they were complete in Christ. Figuratively, he tells them they have been buried and died to the old flesh and raised up to live a new life. Romans 6:4. This is called conversion, being born again. It is who and what we are as Christians.

I. You have died to self. (3)

A. The only life you should live is the one Christ is living in you. Gal.2:20

B. Dead people don’t respond. (5-9)   Romans 6:11

1. Immorality- intercourse outside of God’s rules. Heb.13:4    

2. Impurity- to lust for someone or thing.   Mt.5:28                 

3. Passion- affection for what’s wrong. 1Jn.2:15                     

4. Evil desires- longing for the forbidden. Ex.20:17             

5. Greed- always wanting more. Heb.13:5                            

6. Anger- plotting out vengeance. Heb.10:30

7. Wrath- blowing up, outburst. James 1:20

8. Malice- desire to injure. James 3:6

9. Slander/abusive speech. Col.4:6

10. Lying-deliberate deception.  Jn.8:44

II. God’s wrath comes on those who behave like this.  (6)  Rom.1:18, Acts 3:19

III. You have been raised up to a new life.  (1)  Romans 6:13

A. So set your mind on things above. (2) Matt.16:23, Phil.4:8

B. Be renewed.

1. In biblical knowledge. (10)  2Timothy 2:15, Ps.119:11

2. Let Christ be everything. (11) Phil.1:21

C. Then you will be ready for Christ’s return. (4) 1Jn.2:28

Con.- Christ is in all who are believers so let Him be all to us. Let Him cleanse and forgive you today.


Matthew 22:34-46

October 3rd, 2021

 Intro- several groups had questioned Jesus to try and entrap Him.

I. They were trying to prove Jesus to be wrong. (34-36)

A. This was the point of all of these groups. Mt.22:15, 17, 28

B. Today unbelievers still try to prove God wrong. 2Pet.3:4, Is.5:20-23

1. Pastors are arrested for holding church services.  Heb.10:25 

2. Pastors can be arrested in 16 states for trying to convert homosexuals. 1Cor.6:9-10, Ezk.3:18-19

II. Jesus answers correctly. (37-40)

A. Because He wrote the book!  2Tim.3:16

B. His answer is simple.

1. Love God, completely.  Matt.10:37-39, Rom.12:1, Matt.10:35-36

2. Love others.  Rom.13:10, 1Jn.4:7-8, 19-20

III. Jesus questions them. (41-46)

A. How can David refer to the Messiah as son and Lord?

B. The only possible answer was that the Messiah was man and God. Matt.16:15-16, Mt.1:23

C. Only the God-man, Jesus, could make atonement for our sin. Mt.1:21, Acts 4:12

Con. Who do you believe Jesus is?


Luke 7:11-17

Sept.19th, 2021

Intro – Nain was about 10 miles from where Jesus grew up. He cared about what was happening, there are several things we learn from this miracle but I want to focus on just three.

I. Jesus had compassion for her.

A. Jesus is a compassionate Savior. Jn.3:16, Jn.15:13, Rom.5:6,8

B. His compassion will give us all things. Heb.4:16, Rom.8:32

C. His compassion will rescue us from the tribulation.  Dan.9:27, 2Thess.2:7-8, Rev.6:16, 1Thess.5:9, Rev.3:10

II. Don’t weep

A.  As Christians we don’t grieve as unbelievers do. 1Thess.4:13-14

B. Jesus has conquered death for us. Jn.5:24, Eph.2:4-5, 2Cor.5:6-8

III. New life!

A.  When the trumpet sounds all believers will arise. Rev.4:1, 1Thess.4:16

B.  When we are born again we will want to tell others. Acts 1:8, Acts 26:18 

Con – Will you tell others what Jesus did for you? Will you sing His praises to others?





1Samuel 2:1-10

Sept.26th, 2021

Intro – Hannah uses the name “Lord” to describes certain attributes about God.  She applies these attributes to Jesus Christ His “anointed”.

I. Only the Lord is holy (set apart). (1-3)

A. He deserves to be lifted up and glorified. Matt.5:16

1. we are to be a holy people. Deut.14:2, 1Pet.2:9

2. we are to glorify God with our lives. Rom.12:1

B. He alone provides salvation. Acts 4:12

C. We should humble ourselves before Him. Ps.5:7

1. Through repentance. Ps.51:17

2. By our actions. Ps.96:9, Hab.2:20, Is.61:3

II. Only the Lord knows everything. (4-5) Jn.16:30

A. God is Omniscient.  Ps.139:1-2

B. He can read your thoughts. Prov.16:2, 1Sam.16:7

C. He can change things and circumstances. Lk.1:37, Mk.2:5 

III. Only the Lord determines life and death. (6-8) Deut.32:39, Job 1:21

IV. Only the Lord will judge in the end. (9-10) Ps.96:13, Rev.20:11-15

A. He determines where you will spend eternity. Jn.5:22, Acts 17:31, 2Tim.4:1, Lk.12:5

B. Those who fight against Him will be defeated. Ps.2:9, Rev.19:20-21

C. Jesus, the “anointed One” will be victorious. Phil.2:9-11

Con- Are you glorifying the Lord? Are you praising Him for who He is and all that He will do?



Sept. 12th, 2021 

Intro – The strongest emotion known to man is love. The bible says love cast out fear, 1Jn.4:18.  If you love God the way you should everything else will fall into place.

I. Hear God.

A. Listen and obey. Matt.13:9

B. There is no other God. Is.42:8, 45:5,6,14,21,22

1. He created us and sustains us. Col.1:16-17

2. He always does what is best for us. Matt.6:32, Rom.8:28

II. Love God.

A. All your heart, not just words. You are determined to follow Christ. Matt.15:8, Mt.6:24

B. All your soul, the inner man. Desire, emotions, will. Phil. 4:8

C. All your might. Exceedingly, you make every effort. Jn.14:15, Matt.22:37-38

III. Teach about God

A. Teach others His word and share with others. Col.1:28, 1Pet.2:9

B.  Teach your children.

1. By example. Actions speak louder than words. Eph.5:1

2. By speaking His word. Everyday draw attention to God’s word.  Prov.22:6, Eph.6:4

Con. – Do you love God as you should?  1Jn.4:19-21.  Remember what He has done for you and your heart will be filled with love and gratitude.

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