Matthew 21:18-22

Jan.29th 2023


Intro - The fig tree in our text today is used by Jesus to teach us several things.

 I. His power over nature.

                A. Over the atmosphere. Mark 4:39

                B. Over animals.  Dan.6:22

                C. Over us.

                                1. As Christians we are meant to bear fruit.  Jn.15:5-6

                                2. Unfruitfulness will be punished. Jn.15:2, Matt.7:19,23

II. Faith moves the hand of God.

                A. Battle of Dunkirk.  Ps.18:2

                B. Anaconda. Ps.46:1

 III. Faith means you agree with God.

                A. Faith says, "Thy will be done."  Matt.6:10, 1Jn.5:14

                B. Faith is trusting Jesus. Jn.14:13

                C. Job is an example. Job 1:22, Rom. 8:31, 1Cor.10:13, Job 19:25-27

Con. We serve the resurrected, living Savior who has all power over all things.  Trust Him.

Hebrews 11:1-10
Jan. 22nd, 2023

Intro - This chapter is sometimes called the believers Hall of Fame chapter because it recounts some of the great deeds of the Old Testament believers.  Each account starts with the words "by faith".

I. What is faith?
            A. Assurance = firm confidence.
                        1. You believe God's word. 1Jn.1:9, Mark 13:31, 1Pet.1:25
                        2. You do not question His promises. Jn.14:31
            B. Being convinced. Rom.8:32, Heb.6:17-19
                        1. I know my redeemer lives.  Job 19:25
                        2. I know He's coming again. 1Thes.4:16

II. Examples of faith.
            A. By faith we accept the biblical account of creation. Gen.1:31
            B. Noah - obeyed God when ridiculed.  Matt.24:37-39, 2Pet.3:4
            C. Abraham - believed in the resurrection. Heb.11:17-19

III. The necessity of faith.
            A. Without it you cannot please God. (6)
            B. Without it you cannot be saved. Mark 16:16, Acts 16:31
            C. You must believe Jesus did what the bible says. Is.53:5-6, Jn.19:30, Rom.3:24-25, 2Cor.5:21

Con. You don't have to understand it all but you must believe and trust Jesus.


Acts 4:8-12

Jan.8th, 2023

Intro - It's all about the name of Jesus. The O.T. points to His coming and the N.T. reports His coming and how we should live our life for Him. It's through Jesus that we can be saved. At the name of Jesus every knee will bow.

I. Jesus gives us the Holy Spirit.  Acts 2:38-39, Acts 4:31

            A. Baptism of the Holy Spirit vs being filled with the Holy Spirit.

                        1. Bap. of the HS is not in the bible    Filled with the HS is commanded often.

                        2. Bap. of the HS leads to false teaching   Filled with the HS gives insight and boldness.  Col.2:10

                        3. Bap of HS speaks of a 2nd baptism  There is only one baptism. Eph.4:5, Matt.28:19, Acts 19:2-5

            B. We receive the Holy Spirit once, but we are filled many times. Acts 13:52

II. Our work is to show the Holy Spirit lives in us.

            A. The man was healed by Jesus name.

            B.  When someone got saved in the early church the gift of tongues proved it.  Acts.19:2-5

            C.  Today you show you're saved by a changed life.  2Cor.5:17, Matt.5:16

            D. The new language you speak is the language of love. Jn.14:15, 1Jn.4:7, Eph.4:15

III. There is salvation in no other name!

            A. No one else can save you.  Jn.14:6

            B. No one else can forgive you. 1Jn.1:7

            C. Only faith in Jesus will get you into heaven. Acts 16:30-31, Heb.11:6

Con. God's salvation is a simple plan. Repent, Receive, Believe.

John 4:4-26
January 15, 2023

Intro - The Lord meets the Samaritan woman. The Samaritans were despised by the Jews and no doubt we see this woman surprised a Jewish man would even talk to her. Maybe sometimes you feel like an outcast or unwanted. Remember Jesus cares about you. Take note of 3 things in our text.

I. The water was symbolic of our need.

            A. We all need water. Jacob's well is still there today 3000 years later!

            B. We all need living water.  Jn.7:38-39, Rom.8:11

            C. As Jesus said we must ask for it. vs 10.  Rom.10:13, Jn.1:12

II. The woman is an example of our human nature.

            A. We have physical needs, water, love, acceptance.

            B. We have spiritual needs. Eph.2:22, Matt.7:11, Acts 2:38

            C. We by nature sin. Rom.3:23, Rom.3:19

            D. We by nature don't have the Holy Spirit so we long to be complete. Matt.5:6, Col.2:9-10

III. God desires our worship.

            A. Everyone worships something. Rom.1:25 sun, animals, idols, earth, etc.

            B. We should worship the Lord. vs 23

                        1. He is the only true Savior and God. Jn.14:6

                        2. The only way to correctly worship Him is in spirit. Rom.8:9, 1Jn.5:12

Con. Just as Jesus offered hope to the woman at the well, He offers hope to you. Come to the One who can give you the Living water.

Isaiah 42:1-7

January 1st 2023


Intro - Our text today is about Jesus, the Messiah, and He is referred to as My Servant. It speaks of His ministry on earth and how He will care for us.

I. He promises to revive us. (3)  Matt.10:45

            A. When we are damaged spiritually by sin. Ps.51:11, Is.53:5  

            B. When we have backslidden.    Is.44:22, Is.55:7-8

II. He promises to help us. (6)

            A. To uphold us.         Is.41:10-13

            B. Through the new covenant. 1Cor.11:25

            C. To give us peace of mind. 1Jn.3:20, Rom.8:34, Is.26:3 

III. He promises salvation. (7)

            A. He rescues us.        Gal.1:4

            B. He will not leave us. Heb.13:5

            C. He will finish what He has started in your life. Phil.1:6

Con. Make this new year a new beginning for yourself and your relationship with Jesus.

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