Romans 12:17-21

Jan.23rd, 2022 

Intro – God speaking through Paul in our text today tells us there are 3 things we should not do. He is speaking about our relationship with other people.

I. Don’t pay back evil with evil.

A. Endure mis-treatment. 1Pet.2:23, 1Thess.5:15,

B. Be an example of what is right.  Is.5:20

C. Be at peace.  Ps.34:14

1. If possible.  Ecc.3:8, Mt.10:34-38

2. Takes 2 to make peace. Heb.12:14-15, Mt.5:39

II. Don’t take out your own revenge.

A. It’s not your job to get even!  Deut.32:35

B. Leave things in God’s hands. 1Thess.4:6

1. He knows what He is doing. Ps.73:17-18, Rom.2:4

2. He is a just God. 2Thess.1:6-9

III. Don’t be overcome by evil. 2Pet.2:7

A. You must fight against evil. Eph.6:10-12, 1Tim.6:12

B. Attack evil with good. Eph.4:15, Lk.6:28, 1Pet.3:9, Rom.12:14

Con. – Reach out to others for Christ sake. 2Cor.5:14


Is 8:19-22

Jan. 16th, 2022

Intro -  When you want information, advice, companionship or knowledge who do you seek it from? Our text warns about going to the wrong people.

I. What counsel does God forbid?

A. Don’t try to contact the dead. (19) Deut.18:10-14

B. Witchcraft tools of the trade.

Séance – just talk?      Lk.16:26                     Book – just a book?   Ps.119:15, Acts 19:18-20

Ouija board – just a game?     Mt.12:45         Drums – just music/drumming? 2Cor.6:14, 17

Movies – just a movie?          Ps.101:3          Spirit fire – just a campfire?  Deut.12:31

C. The world will tell you it’s ok.   1Cor.2:14

II. Who should we seek for counsel?

A. We should seek God, our Savior  1Tim.2:5,  Rom.8:16,

B. We seek Him through the word.  Heb.4:12, 1Thess.3:13

C. It is an unchanging source.  Rev.22:18-19,

III. How will it end for the wrongly counseled?

A. Not well!  Saul - 1Chron.10:13

B. Blinded by Satan. 2Cor.4:4, Is.5:24

C. Cast into darkness. Matt.8:12, Lk.13:28, 2Pet 2:17

Con – Seek Jesus while you have the opportunity to do so. Is.55:6


Isaiah 45:5-7

Jan.2nd 2022

Intro – What a wonderful text to remind us that we serve the one and only God who always has and always will take care of us.

I. What is a god?

A. Some one or thing you worship.

B. Worship means to reverence or pray too someone because you believe that person or thing to have supernatural powers.  Jn.20:28, Mt.16:16, Mt.27:51,54, Matt.1:23

C. Christians pray to Jesus Christ.  1Tim.2:5

D. To pray to anyone else is to break the 1st. commandment. Ex.20:3-5, Deut.27:15, Is.45:20, Jer.10:1-8

II. In truth, there is only one God.

A. He is the creator. Is.44:24, Col.1:16-17

B. The One who determines life and death. 1Sam.2:6, Lk.12:5

C. No one else had done or can do what God does. Is.45:5,6,14,18

D. He alone can save you. Is.45:20-22, Is.43:11,25, Acts 4:12

III. God will prove Himself.  (6)

A. False gods will be exposed. Is.45:23   

B. He will take care of His people. 1Pet.5:7, Ps.55:22, Mt.6:31-33

C. His Holy Spirit works through others to meet our needs. Ex.35:21

Con. Commit this coming year unto the one true God. Follow Him and not the false gods of the world.









John 7:14-18

January 9th, 2022

Intro – It takes a willing heart to live the Christian life. The will is like a drive within us that tells us we either do or do not want to do something. We believe it is God’s grace that enables our will to want to serve Him.

I. We must be willing to repent.

A. The Jews were not. Is.30:15, Mt.23:37

B. People can harden their hearts toward God. Jer.5:3

C. Once God’s grace works in you, you can repent. Mt.6:44, Ja.1:18

1. You can choose to repent.   Acts 3:19

2. Or you can choose to harden your heart. Rev.2:20-21

II. We must be willing to learn. Pr.1:7

A. Study the word with an open mind and heart. 2Tim.2:15, Jn.5:38-40

B. When your heart is open then you will know the truth. Ps.25:14, Jn.3:21, Jn.8:31-32, Jn.8:43-45

C. You must choose truth over man’s wisdom. Jn.12:43-46, Col.2:8

III. You must be willing to grow.

A. Sanctification is humbling. Ps.25:9, 2Tim.3:2

B. You must recognize your weakness.  Mt.26:41, Rom.7:18

C. You must glorify Christ. Jn.3:30, Mt.5:16

Con. – David summarized these truths in Ps.51:10,12.  Pray like David that God would give you a will heart to follow His word, His way, His will.


Psalms 16:5-11

Dec. 26th 2021

Intro – This Psalm is known as a Messianic Psalm because it prophesied about Jesus and His death. See

Acts 13:35-38.  Many of these truths apply to the believer also.

I. To have Jesus is to have everything we need.

A. He supports us in this life.  Mt.6:31-32, Lk.11:13

B. He has a plan for our lives.  Jer.29:11

            1. A plan for now. Is.55:9, Is.55:6, Ps.119:105, Jn.14:13

            2. A plan for the future. Job 19:25, 1Jn.3:2-3

II. He guides us through this life. Ps.73:24

A. His Spirit communes with our spirit.  Rom.8:16, Ps.77:6

B. He empowers us to live for Him. Lk.11:3

            1. By keeping our focus on Christ.  (8)  Mt.6:24, 33

            2. We need not fear anything.  Is.41:10

C. In Him we have joy and security. (9)  Ps.4:8, Is.40:11, Deut.1:31

III. He promises us life eternal.

A. He shows us the path that leads to life. Matt.7:13-14

B. We will be resurrected just like Jesus was. 1Cor.15:20,23,52

C. We will spend eternity with Jesus. (11) Jn.12:26, Jn.14:3

Con. The counsel God gives you is to take the path of life that leads to heaven. Ps.32:8. You start on that path by receiving Jesus Christ into your heart. Jn.1:12

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