July 21st 2019




Intro – Lot’s life is in danger because he was making bad choices. The things you choose to do will decide what happens in your life. That’s the lesson we can learn from Lot.




I. He decided to be greedy. Gen.13:10-11


A. His greed blinded him. Gen.13:13


B. His greed would destroy all he had. Prov.1:13-19


C. He was not content. 1Tim.6:6, Lk.12:31, James 1:15






II. He decided to compromise. (16-20)


A. He did not want to leave or give up a sinful situation.


B. He did not separate from the ungodly. 2Cor.6:17


C. Whose your best friend? Who do you hang out with?


1. People who encourage you to live for Christ?


2. Or people who are not living lives pleasing to God?  1Cor.15:33


D. Lot lost all sense of right and wrong because of his choice to compromise. Gen.19:8






III. He decided not to run for his life. (21-16)


A. He should have run a long time ago. 2Tim.2:22, 1Tim.6:10-11, 1Cor.6:18


B. Instead he compromises again! Let me go to Zoar.


1. In the process he lost his wife. Luke 17:32-33


2. He witnessed God’s judgement.


C. Finally he does what he is told.  vs 30



Con. What does God have to do to get you to run from sin and seek God’s will for your life?






July 14th 2019




 Intro – The sin of Sodom and Gomorrah was Homosexualism. With the destruction of these cities God made a very strong statement as to how He feels about this sin.




I. God has spoken clearly about this sin.


A. When He gave the law. Lev.18:22, Lev.20:13


B. Through the prophets He reminded the Israelites why the cities were destroyed. Eze.16:50


C. In the New Testament this is confirmed as sin. 1Cor.6:9-10, 1Tim.1:9-10, Jude 1:7, 2Pet.2:7


D. It is a sin that will be punished. Rom.1:26-27




II. Judgement will come.
            A. God’s patience has a limit. Gen.6:3, Num.14:18, Ex.34:7


B. Everyone will have to answer for the choices he has made. Rev.20:13


C. God knows what LGBTQ agenda is.




III. There is hope through repentance.


A. Like any sin we commit there is forgiveness when we repent. 1Jn.1:9


B. Jesus can change us. 1Cor.6:11


C. So how should be deal with this issue?


1. Don’t call names.


2. Be sympathetic but not condoning.


3. Understand what the Bible teaches.


4. Share the love, forgiveness and power of Christ.


5. If they repent, disciple them to Christian maturity.




Con. As Christians we must firmly oppose the LGBTQ movement. We must recognize the leaders of this movement our out to destroy our Christian roots as a nation. Don’t let their defective reasoning change what you know to be true according to God’s word.







Luke 14:16-24


June 30th 2019




Intro – “Come”, a simple statement we have all heard and responded to at some time in our lives. When Jesus speaks that word, how you respond to it will mean the difference between heaven and hell.




I. An invitation was given.


A. God’s invitation goes out to all. Jn.3:16-17


B. God’s desire is clear. 2Pet.3:9, 1Tim.2:3-6


C. No one can say “I didn’t have a chance” or “God didn’t want me”.  Rom.1:20, 2Thess.2:12




II. Sadly most will not accept the invitation.


A. Summiting to Christ is not what they want to do. Matt.7:13-14, Mt.22:14


B. People prefer to make excuses.


1. Possessions – Mark 8:36


2. Work – Jn.6:27, Jn.4:34, Jn.9:4


3. Family – Mt.10:37




III. Jesus is still inviting you to come.  Mt.11:28, Jn.6:35


A. Come for forgiveness. Is.1:18


B. Come for renewal and commitment. Hosea 6:1, Lk.18:22


C. Come for eternal life. Jn.5:39-40, Jn.6:37, Mt.25:34




Con. To reject is to be lost for all eternity. Today you can come to Jesus.



Luke 1:1-10




 July 7th 2019

 Intro -  Many of you have seen this parable in picture form. Jesus reaching for the lost lamb or standing among the 99 holding the rescued lamb. There have been many paintings of this scene because it speaks of His love for the individual person. Jesus teaches us several things in this parable.


 I. We are compared to the lost lamb.


A. All of us have been or are like lost lambs. Is.53:6


B. There are no exceptions to this. Rom.3:23, Prov.10:17, Mk. 13:22


C. Jesus cares about those who are lost. 1Pet.5:7,  Lk.19:42


D. He tells this parable to answer the Pharisees complaint. vs 2, Matt.9:11, Lk.7:30, Rom.10:3




II. Because He cares, He searches for us.


A. It is what He came to do. Luke 19:10, Jn.3:17, Lk.1:78-79


B. He wants find us and make us righteous. Rom.5:18-19, Rom.4:3, Rom.10:10, 2Cor.5:21




III. Finding the lost brings joy to heaven.


A. Has heaven rejoiced over you? 1Jn.1:9, Rev.2:17


B. Each new convert causes rejoicing in heaven.  vs 10, Mt.10:32, Lk.12:8, Rev.3:5




Con. Do you rejoice over each new convert? If you are a part of God’s family you will.





Luke 16:19-31


June 23rd, 2019




Intro – There is a debate as to whether this is a parable or literal. It doesn’t really matter since when Jesus taught using parables He was always teaching about a literal truth.  I agree with those who say it is a literal account because Jesus uses the name of one of the people. When Jesus spoke in the other parables He never used a personal name.




I. Jesus gives this account of death.


            A. Both men die and are judged. Heb.9:27


            B. Both are alive after death.  Ecc.12:7, 2Cor.5:6-8


                        1. One in torment. (23)


                        2. One being comforted. (25)


            C. There was a separation.  Mt.25:34, 41


            D. There is no return allowed. (26-31)




II. God in His word teaches that hell is real.


            A. Jesus taught it.  Matt.5:22, Luke 12:5


            B. Jesus described it. Mt.13:41-42, 49-50,  Mark 9:48


            C. Satan will be there. Rev.20:10


            D. All who reject Christ will be there. Rev.21:8,  Rev.20:15


            E. It is forever.


                        1. For unbelievers. - Rev.14:10-11, Rev.20:10, Mark 9:47-48


                        2. For believers. – Ex.15:18, Ps.145:1, 1Jn.2:17




III. Jesus came to rescue us from an eternity in hell.


            A. That is His plan. Gal.1:4, 2Tim.4:18, 1Thess.1:9-10


            B.  He did so by giving His life for us. Jn.3:17, 16,  Rom.5:8-9, Matt.20:28


            C. We encourage each other with this truth. 1Thess.5:9-11




Con. Hell is real and only those who repent of sin and receive Jesus Christ into their hearts will go to heaven.

            Warn your friends, there is no second chance. Believe the word of God or perish in hell.

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