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Our Pre-K class at Faith Christian School is 4 year old children.  


Our goal at FCS is to provide a high quality and affordable education which ministers to the whole child- body, mind, and spirit- based on a Christ-centered curriculum, rooted in Scripture and designed to reinforce the values and morals taught in the Christian home and church.  Pre-K students will learn about appropriate social skills like sharing, treating each other with kindness, taking turns, and how to handle conflict God’s way, Bible truths with weekly Scripture memory, math skills including counting, shapes, sorting, graphing, and calendar skills, beginning letter and sound work, writing, music, gross motor, and age appropriate computer skills.  


Pre-K is three days per week, M,W,F from 8:30 am-12.  School is in session September-May.  A school calendar will be provided at the beginning of the school year, and corresponds very closely with the Detroit Lakes public school calendar. 


Our teacher who is a Christian, is a certified preschool teacher with the state of Minnesota undergoes continuing education on a regular basis to be up to date on current practices.  The teacher/student ratio is 10 to 1.


If you have any questions about our Pre-K program, would like to visit our school, or would like more information, please call Anita at 218-847-7375.  If you’d like to enroll your child, please fill out the online student application or stop by the school for a paper copy.  


Pre-K Objectives for the 2 main specific areas of development:




-to make God, His Word, and His Son a part of daily experience


-to share Bible stories, recounting God’s acts and dealing with His people


-to learn how to worship God through prayer and song


-to feel reverence for God and respect for the Bible and His Word


-to develop a desire and love for sharing God with others


-to teach specific truths about the Christian faith, such as:


                God created everything there is


                God loves each person


                God is good and deserves our worship


                The Bible is God’s special Book


                The stories in the Bible are true


                The Bible shows us how we should act


                Jesus is God’s Son






-to develop a sense of self-worth as beings created in God’s image


-to learn to express themselves in socially acceptable ways


-to learn the same acceptance of others that Jesus modeled on Earth


-to develop the social skills of cooperation and negotiation to resolve interpersonal problems


-to develop a sense of responsibility


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