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We use Purposeful Design Science Curriculum which is taught in 2 small groups, one for Kindergarten-2nd grade, and one for 3rd-5th grade.  By the time students complete their experience at Faith Christian School, they will have been through each grade level text. Every chapter in the series weaves together the wonders of the created world and a biblical worldview.  Young people have a natural, God-given inquisitiveness and curiosity about the world and its workings.  Purposeful Design Science capitalizes on that curiosity as it engages students in investigating, observing, and thinking about the world around them. 


2ND Grade Science

Our 2nd grade science curriculum begins with a unit on Life Science.  Chapters include subjects on plants, vertebrates, invertebrates, and habitats.  The highlighted chapter is on plants.  Students discover different reasons why God made plants, and will see plants as an integral part of God’s creation with a specific purpose and function.   The next unit is on Physical Science which includes learning about energy, light, and heat.  All the matter in the universe vibrates with energy.  Molecules and atoms, even in solid matter, are constantly moving.  Students learn the many ways in which energy impacts their lives, from the food they eat to the toys they play with to the appliances and machines that make their lives easier and more enjoyable. The following unit is about the human body with chapters about sound and hearing, taste and smell, along with sight and touch.  The final unit is on Earth Science.  The chapters are on weather and the ocean.  The focus chapter is about weather.  Students learn about the different factors that affect weather.  They become familiar with both the Fahrenheit and Celsius scales as they read a thermometer and record temperatures.  They observe clouds and watch a weather forecast. 


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