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We use Purposeful Design Science Curriculum which is taught in 2 small groups, one for Kindergarten-2nd grade, and one for 3rd-5th grade.  By the time students complete their experience at Faith Christian School, they will have been through each grade level text. Every chapter in the series weaves together the wonders of the created world and a biblical worldview.  Young people have a natural, God-given inquisitiveness and curiosity about the world and its workings.  Purposeful Design Science capitalizes on that curiosity as it engages students in investigating, observing, and thinking about the world around them. 


4th Grade Science


Our first unit in 4th grade science is Life Science.  From the microscopic bacterium to the immense blue whale, all living things share characteristics that separate them from nonliving things.  Yet, living things display such overwhelming diversity that only a purposeful Designer could have originated everything-from the fleet-footed antelope to the plodding sloth.  Live Science invites students to marvel at how much living things share, to wonder at their incredible diversity, and to perceive their intricate interdependence.  


Unit 2 is Physical Science: Energy.  Energy is the force behind every change and movement.  Yet this fundamental reality remains a mystery.  Physical Science invites students to observe energy in the form of heat, to see and hear it in the forms of light and sound, to investigate the changes in movement that energy causes, and to touch the different forms of matter that it affects.  Students recognize the limits of human knowledge and stand in awe of the all-knowing One who spoke and set the universe in motion. 


Unit 3 is Earth and Space Science: Balance.  The earth itself, its waters, atmosphere, and position in space all work together to achieve the conditions for life to flourish.  Cycles, movement, and change occur in, on, and around the earth, causing a delicate equilibrium too intricate to be the work of mere chance.  Students explore everything from soil and water to the atmosphere and the vast universe beyond. 


The final unit is called Human Body: Wellness.  Though people share some characteristics of all living things, they are set apart by God as His special creation.  They have the ability to know and communicate with Him and to understand themselves.  Students will explore the wonders of how they were created as they trace the flow of blood through their cardiovascular system, recognize the interdependence of body systems, and consider how they choices they make affect their personal well-being.    


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