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 We use Purposeful Design Science Curriculum which is taught in 2 small groups, one for Kindergarten-2nd grade, and one for 3rd-5th grade.  By the time students complete their experience at Faith Christian School, they will have been through each grade level text. Every chapter in the series weaves together the wonders of the created world and a biblical worldview.  Young people have a natural, God-given inquisitiveness and curiosity about the world and its workings.  Purposeful Design Science capitalizes on that curiosity as it engages students in investigating, observing, and thinking about the world around them. 

 5th Grade

 The fifth grade curriculum for science includes units on “Life Science: Cycles.”  Life Science reveals to students that whether these changes are part of natural patterns, or the result of interruptions to the normal sequences of life, God in His sovereignty is always in control.  He graciously sustains life and brings about balance in an imperfect world.  Only Jehovah Elohim, the Eternal Creator, can combine the predictable with the unpredictable to restore harmony to the cycles of life. 

The next unit is on “Physical Science: Transformations.”  Just as in the world around us, matter and energy are constantly changing.  Physical Science uncovers the mysteries behind the natural laws and processes that the Maker of all things set into place to govern the universe.  God with His abundant grace, endows us the knowledge and wisdom to discover how transformations affect our lives and how we can utilize them to meet our needs and to serve Him.  Even in the midst of the dynamics of change, we can be secure knowing that God is faithfully and eternally constant. 

 The following unit is on “Earth and Space Science: Predictability.”  The glory of God is revealed in His creation.  From the tiny speck of Earth to the infinite expanse of the universe, there is predictability in everything.  Just as all living things transition through cycles, inevitably, the earth, planets, moons, and stars also are subject to formative changes and natural alterations.  Earth and Space Science invites students to investigate the processes taking place on Earth which often result in the provision of resources that enable our survival.  It explores the vastness of Space and the predictability of regular patterns that even lie beyond our realm.  By acknowledging the mighty hand of God and His delegation of stewardship to us, the students can give the glory back to Him by learning to value and use His precious gifts wisely. 

The final unit is on the “Human Body: Balance.” Made in the image of God, the human body possesses the sophisticated ability to maintain homeostasis.  God has supplied us with the means to restore ourselves to a state of physical, mental, and emotional balance.  The Human Body Unit allows students to examine the complexities of the transitional period of adolescence and the conditions of disease when a body system is out of equilibrium.  By studying the changes that their own bodies will experience, the students can seek an intimate relationship with their Creator and His righteousness, while they engage themselves in the awe of being fearfully and wonderfully made.   


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