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We use Purposeful Design Science Curriculum which is taught in 2 small groups, one for Kindergarten-2nd grade, and one for 3rd-5th grade.  By the time students complete their experience at Faith Christian School, they will have been through each grade level text. Every chapter in the series weaves together the wonders of the created world and a biblical worldview.  Young people have a natural, God-given inquisitiveness and curiosity about the world and its workings.  Purposeful Design Science capitalizes on that curiosity as it engages students in investigating, observing, and thinking about the world around them. 


6th Grade Science

 The first unit in science is Life Science: Diversity.  Life on planet earth has extravagant diversity and remarkable design.  From the minute mechanisms that keep the cell alive to the inner systematic workings of organs that keep the larger multicellular organisms functioning, order and purpose are evident.  Through discovering the characteristics of life- chemical composition, cellular growth, reproduction, use of energy, and response to the environment- students will be awe-inspired at the detailed and diverse nature of God.  He is a God of order and immeasurable creativity. 

 Unit 2 is Physical Science: Structure.  God’s pattern of order and structure is unveiled in the discipline of Physical Science.  The Master Engineer’s profound wisdom and intricacy of design displays itself abundantly in chemical elements, states of matter, and physical laws.  Through discovery learning, students will gain a personal understanding of the nature of science by participating in hands-on investigations to explore the truth of God’s plan.  As they build upon the structure involved in the laws of physical science, they have the opportunity to see the inter-relatedness of purposefully structuring their own lives with godliness and discipline. 

 Unit 3 is titled Earth and Space Science: Patterns.  The image of God can readily be seen in the many patterns found in Creation.  Beginning on the tiny yet significant planet of Earth, patterns reveal predictability in water movements, weather events, rock layers, and natural disasters.  Extending to the vastness of the universe, patterns are apparent in star life cycles, star clusters, galaxy formation, and to the viewer here on Earth, even the constellations.  Students will be introduced to a refreshing perspective of the science behind many natural processes that may otherwise be perceived as harmful to those that do not know God. 

 Unit 4 is Human Body: Decisions.  Starting to make wise decisions at a young age to maintain a healthy body will help alleviate many future health concerns.  From diel and exercise to the way food is prepared, students will gain insight into how today’s choices affect them later in life.  Our Savior and Redeemer is faithful to forgive sinful choices, but the consequences remain.  Students learn it is better to build healthy habits now than to try to compensate for unhealthy choices after the ill-effects manifest. 


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