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But he that looketh into the perfect law, the law of liberty—this man shall be blessed in his doing.  James 1:25


Liberty and law!


Here we find another pardon from Scripture, contrary to all human reason.


Liberty and law seem to be mutually opposed to each other, for law is compulsory subjection to authority.

But to faith there is full harmony between these two principles. All God's emancipated children know from life and experience that liberty and law are perfectly compatible with each other.


When Christ made us free, we came under a new motive power of personal love for our great Deliverer. Since then we served Him from love, and in His service we found perfect freedom. We loved to do His will, because it only prescribed for us just what we wished to be and wished to do. It coincided with the inclinations of our new heart. And in obeying God we were made happy and blessed.


When we became Christ's freedmen, we were overpowered by His love and bound ourselves voluntarily to a life-long servitude as His bond servants (1 Cor. 7:22).


No works were required to make us accepted before God, yet after our liberation good works came quite naturally to us, and we were made blessed in our labors of love.

Our devotion to Christ became a law of life to us, in the fulfilment of which we found a "perfect law of liberty." It became the motive power which constrained us to love, to serve, to labor, and to suffer for the Lord who bought us and made us free.


"The love of Christ constrained us" (2 Cor. 5: 14). This is the confession of all God's true servants on earth.

 Is it also your confession.

 Pastor Paul


 (taken from Madsen (n.d.) The Word


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