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“Child, go work today in my vineyard.”  Matt. 21:28.




This commandment reminds us that we are not called to be lords over the vineyard; nor are we engaged as managers; neither are we supposed to waste our brief life in enjoyment and idleness beneath the shady foliage of the vines; no, we are called to be laborers.


"Child, go and work," says the Lord.


Alas, many have quite forgotten this. Their Christianity seems only to consist in attending services regularly and to listen attentively to the preaching of the gospel. They are very fond of reading religious papers and books as well, and they are also very good at talking. And the work! Well, they leave that entirely to others. Such unfaithful and slothful servants have no reward.


Do you know that you are called to be a laborer? What is then your work? There is a certain bed in the vineyard which God wants you—you of all others—to look after. It may be small or large, but He has especially entrusted it to your care. There are men whom He has placed along your path in life for whose spiritual care you are personally responsible. Bear this in mind lest the Lord's work shall be neglected and souls lost for your sake.


"Go, and work in my vineyard."


Go, even if it is late; yes, even if it is the eleventh hour.


Go, and you shall not lose your reward.




This devotional is taken from THE WORD by N.P. Madson. It was also marked by my father, Alvin Larson, as one of his favorites.




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