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Matthew 7:15-21


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Intro -  How do you spot a counterfeit, a false prophet? To catch the deceiver you must know the truth.



I. You must know or be aware of the threat. (15) 


A. The Bible warns us many times about false prophets.


1. Jesus warns   Mt.24:11, 24


2. Paul warns  Acts 20:28-32


3. Peter warns  2 Pet.2:1-3


B. Take note Jesus says many!  Mt.7:13-14




II. You must know how to test them.         1Jn. 4:1-3


A. Jesus gave us a way to discover false prophets. 2Tim. 2:15, 2Pet.3:17-19


B. “confess” = homologos = same words.  Do they agree with the Word of God.


C. Some examples would be:


False prophet                                      Word of God                                     


1. Homosexualism is not a sin                       1Cor.6:9-10                            


2.  Took billions of years for the earth to form.          Gen. 1:31-2:1             


3.  I have a new message from God                           Rev.22:18


4.  I died and went to heaven                     1Cor.15:50, 1Thes 4:17,                                                                  1Cor.15:52, Jn 3:13, Mt.24:24


5.  God spoke to me through a vision/dream              Jer.23:28-32, Heb.1:1-2


6.  Abortion is ok                             Ps.51:5, Lk.1:15, Amos 1:13                         




III. You must know what the enemy is trying to do.         Is.14:14-16


A. These “so called” Christians are trying to destroy your faith. 1Pet 5:8 


B. They do it through deception.


1. They talk like and appear to be Christians!    Matt.15:8


2. They criticize the Word of God and try to get people to not believe it.


3. They get you to trust in signs and wonders rather than the word of God.   2Thess.2:8-9


4. God knows what is really in their heart.    Matt. 7:23-24


C. The devil by getting you to OK sin keeps you from doing God’s will. 1Cor. 7:10, Mk. 1:15



Con. There are false prophets  in our world and our city.  The question is can you spot them? Christ tells us to stay away from them.


Compassion for People


Mark 8:1-9






Intro – Jesus is a compassionate Savior. The word compassion in our text is closely related to mercy, pity and sympathy.  It tells us a lot about Jesus.  Heb.4:15-16




I. We see the people had a need for food.


A. They were doing what Jesus said we should do, put Him first.   Lk.12:29-31


B.  If He meets the needs of the animals and plants certainly He will meet your need.


C. Jesus saw this physical need and took care of it because He had compassion on them.




II. Jesus sees our spiritual need also. Mt.9:36-38


A. He again acts out of compassion for us. Rom.5:8, Lk.19:41-44


B. He came to rescue and lead us.  Lk.19:10, Rom.10:13, Rev.7:17, Jn.14:6




III. What does Christ expect of us?  Matt.9:13


A. Do you have compassion for others?  Lk.10:33


B. Do not be like the Pharisees.  Mt.23:13, 23


C. Follow Christ’s example. 


1. Care about the needy.  James 2:14,17


2. Care about the lost. Jn.3:16




Con. Make sure you have come to Christ for salvation then reach out in compassion to others. Love others enough to give up personal rights, time, money, in order to win them to Christ.





Luke 5 1-11






Intro –Something happened to make the disciples leave everything and follow Christ. Miracles have a way of changing a person’s mind set. God has worked miracles in your life, when you recognize them will you be willing to leave all and follow Christ?




I. Before the miracle the word of God was being preached. (1-3)


A. People had a desire to hear and learn about God. Matt.5:6


B. Those who seek the Lord will see His work in their lives. Jn.11:4,40,  Acts 28:6, Ps 66:3-5




II. The miracle.  (4-7)


A. God will challenge us to take a step of faith.


B. Humanly speaking it was no use but he obeyed the word of the Lord. (5) Jn.14:15


C. His commands may very well go against human wisdom, science, etc.  Prov.3:5-6


D. If we walk in obedience to the word of the Lord we will see the hand of God in our lives. Lk 12:31




III. After the miracle, Peter saw Christ differently.  (8-11)


A. He saw the power of God over nature. Co.1:16-17


B. He saw Jesus for who He was, “Lord”. Luke 5:24


C. Understanding Christ and His word will cause us to see ourselves for who we are. Sinners! (8) Lk. 12:5, Rom.3:10, 23,  Rom.7:24


D. Having a right relationship with Christ removes fear. 1Jn.1:9, 1Jn.4:17-18



Con. Have you seen yourself as a sinner in the presence of a holy God? If you have you will cry out for forgiveness and seek to follow Him.  Everything else can go, just give me Jesus.




Matthew 5:20-26




Intro – Jesus was teaching that believers needed to live out the word of God in their lives if they were going to be a light to the world. Mt.5:14-16. 

The law Moses gave them from God was good but insufficient in bringing salvation. Mt.5:17, Rom.3:20, 28


 I. Some believe when Christ came He did away with the Law. (20)


A. They misunderstand Jn.1:17


B.  Jesus makes it clear that the law has not been abolished.   Mt.5:17


    1. We cannot ignore the law just because we are under grace.  Rom.6:1-2


    2. On the other hand we accept that Christ has fulfilled it for us.   Rom.8:3-4


C. With His Spirit in us we follow His commands and let our  light shine.


1. Sometimes we fail in our efforts, we still sin.  1Jn.1:8


2. When that happens we need to be honest about it.   1Jn.2:4-6


II. God sees what man cannot. (21-22)


A.  Don’t try to fool God, he knows your thoughts.


B.  To desire something in your heart is as bad as doing it.   Mt.5:28


III. Relationships need to be restored.  (23-26)


A.  Your relationship to God. Faith is necessary        Heb.11:6


B.  Your relationship to others. “against you” vs 23


C.  An offering before the altar = can refer to communion. You  are offering yourself as an example of one who is  following Christ.


1. Reconcile first then take communion.


2. If you do not, you bring damnation on yourself.   1Cor. 11:27-29,  Mt.18:20


 Con.   So who then is ready for communion?  Those who have  confessed and repented of sin, and accepted by faith the finished work of Jesus. 

If you have not, do so now and join the others who have done likewise.






June 17th, 2016




Intro – the “golden rule” of Luke 6:31 is at the center of what Jesus is teaching here. The verses we are talking about today are just 2 principals of the many that Jesus taught with the “golden rule” as the underlying principal. We can also see how this applies to training up our children to follow Christ.




I. You must have spiritual sight to lead others spiritually.  (39)


A. This is of course applied to the spiritual leaders (Pharisees).


1. They teach a false message. Lk.12:51, James 4:4, 1Jn.4:1, 3 1Jn.2:22, 2Jn.1:9-11


2. Pastors will be accountable.  Heb.13:17, Lk.12:48


B. The same principal applies to fathers.


1. Children need guidance.  Prov.22:6


2. Children who believe what is false will perish with the parents who taught them.                                                                                                                                               2Thes.2:10-12




II. If you don’t obey the Lord, don’t expect your children to.  (40)


A. Practice what you teach, don’t be a hypocrite.  Matt.15:7-8


B. Children will see through you.  Eph.6:4




III. Your children will follow your example.  (40)


A. This is true of Jesus and His disciples.  Jn.13:15, 1Pet.2:21, 1Jn.2:6


B.  It will be true of you and your children. Titus 2:6-8




Con. Sadly, there are no re-do’s when it comes to raising your children. If you have not taught them by   example to put God first in their lives before they leave home, it will take an act of God to change      them.  The question isn’t will they follow your example, they will!  The question is what kind of       example are you giving them to follow?


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