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Matthew 24:15-28






Intro-, a Jewish newspaper, says the Sanhedrin has asked Russia and America for help in building the 3rd temple.  The bible tells us about the 7 years of tribulation that will come upon the earth in the last days. Daniel spoke of it in Dan.9:27 and Dan.12:11-13.  Jesus speaks about this prophecy in our text today by referring to the “abomination of desolation” that takes place in that temple.




I. Signs leading up to this event.


A. Famines, earthquakes, lack of love, false preachers, globalism, persecution of believers.


B. When we see these things begin to happen Jesus said look up. Matt.24:8, Luke 21:28




II. The abomination of desolation starts a specific time frame.  (15) Dan.12:11-13


A. The fact that this scene takes place in the temple means it must be rebuilt. (see Ezekiel chapters 40-45)


B. The church is taken out before this. Lk.21:28, 1Thess.4:13-18, Rev.3:10-11


C. A terrible time for those left behind.  (16-20)


D. The worse time in history. (21)


1. A bad time for the Jewish nation in particular.  Dan.9:24


2. Israel will need God’s protection. (21-22) Rev.12:6, Rev.13:5




III. A time of great deception. (23-28)


A. People are already being conditioned to believe a lie.


B. Claims to have seen Christ are lies. (23)


C. Signs and wonders will be lies. (24-26) Matt.7:22, 2Thess.2:9




Con. The truth will be obvious. (27-28).  When Christ does return to earth the world will know it. Zech.12:10, Zech.14:4-5, Eze.39:4, 12





Isaiah 51:9-16





Intro -  God takes care of His people. In our text today they are called the redeemed and the ransomed. Our text has a few things to say about the redeemed.




I. Who are the redeemed and ransomed? 


A.  Redeemed has the thought of being restored.  Mt.12:13, Ps.51:12, Ps.85:4


B.  Ransomed has the idea of being set free.  Jn.8:36, Rom.6:22,


1. A price was paid to set us free.  Acts 20:28, Rev. 5:9; 1Cor.6:20, Gal.5:1


2. Those who believe the blood of Christ paid for our sin. 1Jn.1:7




II. We have a future hope.  (11)


A. Our soul goes to heaven when we die. 2Cor. 5:8


B. In the end we will spend eternity with Christ.  1Thess.4:14, 17-18,  Jn.14:3




III. We have His protection now.  (16)


A. Have you forgotten who God is?  (13)


1. The Creator.  Is.40:28,  Is.43:1,  1Pet.4:19


2. The One who destroyed Egypt and brought you through the Red Sea.  (9-10)


B. He has the power to save and protect. 



Con. – We are His people, those who are saved. He has redeemed you, He will protect you, and He is coming again for you!




Philippians 1:6-11






Intro – Paul was confident of what Christ had done and would do.




I. The beginning. Vs 6


A. What had begun?    Eze. 36:26, Acts 2:38, 2Cor.5:17


B. Who had begun it?  Acts 4:12


C. Have you begun? No continuing or end unless there is a beginning.  1Cor.9:26




II. The continuing. Vs 9


A. Christ continues to change you. Rom.12:2


1. Through the Word of God. Jn.16:15


2. Through the work of the Holy Spirit who lives in you. Rom.2:15


B. The goal is to be more like Jesus. 1Jn.3:2, Jn.1:12


1. By holding on to the word of God. Phil.2:16


2. By gaining a better understanding of His will. Col.1:9




III. The end.


A. Is when Jesus comes again for us. Phil 3:10-11, 1Thess. 4:13-18


B. Is coming soon. Matt.24, Lk.21:28




Con. Have you let Jesus Christ start a new work in you? Will you continue with Him until He comes again?




Matthew 22:15-22


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Intro – Jesus teaches several important principals in our text concerning taxes. The most basic is that we are responsible to pay our taxes. However, I want us to focus on 3 other truths.




I. We are like the person or thing we represent.


A. Pharisees were deceptive liars.  Jn.8:44


B. Pharisees were hypocrites. Mt.23:28, 1Tim.4:1-2


C. Pharisees were malicious.  Ps.140:3,


1. Malicious is one step worse than hypocrite. Seeks to damage someone.


2. It seeks to take something away from someone.  Mt.7:29, Mt.9:6




II. Christians should represent Christ. Eph.1:5, 1Jn.3:1, 1Pet 2:9


A. He placed His image in us at Creation. Gen.1:26-27


B. We lost our resemblance to God because of sin. Rom.3:23


C. Salvation brings us back. Col.3:10, Ps.51:10, Titus 3:5




III. How do we show the image of God in our lives.


A. By displaying Christ-like behavior. Eph.2:10, Matt.5:14-16


B. By who we spend our time with. Prov.4:14-16


C. By having a discerning spirit. 1Kings 3:9, Heb.5:14, 1Jn.4:1-6




Con. Can others tell you are a Christian?  That you are a part of His family?  That you have “been with Jesus” Acts 4:13





Hosea 13:14




Intro – The questions in our text today were meant to make the Israelites stop and think. Luther said we should allow “Scripture to interpret Scripture”, If we do that we can see the answer to these questions.  There is also a very important truth to be aware of.  God promises both punishment and blessing.




I. Scripture explains Scripture.


A. The OT saints had already been told of redemption. Jer.18:8, Is.53:10, Is 59:20, Ps.130:7-8.


B. The answer becomes obvious when Paul quotes this vs in reference to the resurrection. 1Cor.15:55




II. These people had chosen to turn away from God and worship other things.


A. Worshiped idols 2,  Became proud 6,  Opposed God 9, Stored up sin 12.


B. Their punishment would be sure, hell is real. 15-16, Luke 12:5,  Rev.19:20, Rev.20:10


C. Is there any hope for us?  Always a remnant. Joel 2:32, Rom.11:5




III. The Hidden promise.  14


A. God would send a Redeemer.  Ps.49:15, Job 19:25-27.


B. He would ransom from the power of death.  Matt.20:28


1. Prophesied in the OT.   Eze. 37:3-5


2. Proven in the new.  1Cor.15:3-4


C. He will keep His word.  Acts 3:19




Con. -  You can be certain of both, punishment and redemption.  The question is, what will it be for you?


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