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Philippians 1:6-11






Intro – Paul was confident of what Christ had done and would do.




I. The beginning. Vs 6


A. What had begun?    Eze. 36:26, Acts 2:38, 2Cor.5:17


B. Who had begun it?  Acts 4:12


C. Have you begun? No continuing or end unless there is a beginning.  1Cor.9:26




II. The continuing. Vs 9


A. Christ continues to change you. Rom.12:2


1. Through the Word of God. Jn.16:15


2. Through the work of the Holy Spirit who lives in you. Rom.2:15


B. The goal is to be more like Jesus. 1Jn.3:2, Jn.1:12


1. By holding on to the word of God. Phil.2:16


2. By gaining a better understanding of His will. Col.1:9




III. The end.


A. Is when Jesus comes again for us. Phil 3:10-11, 1Thess. 4:13-18


B. Is coming soon. Matt.24, Lk.21:28




Con. Have you let Jesus Christ start a new work in you? Will you continue with Him until He comes again?




Hosea 13:14




Intro – The questions in our text today were meant to make the Israelites stop and think. Luther said we should allow “Scripture to interpret Scripture”, If we do that we can see the answer to these questions.  There is also a very important truth to be aware of.  God promises both punishment and blessing.




I. Scripture explains Scripture.


A. The OT saints had already been told of redemption. Jer.18:8, Is.53:10, Is 59:20, Ps.130:7-8.


B. The answer becomes obvious when Paul quotes this vs in reference to the resurrection. 1Cor.15:55




II. These people had chosen to turn away from God and worship other things.


A. Worshiped idols 2,  Became proud 6,  Opposed God 9, Stored up sin 12.


B. Their punishment would be sure, hell is real. 15-16, Luke 12:5,  Rev.19:20, Rev.20:10


C. Is there any hope for us?  Always a remnant. Joel 2:32, Rom.11:5




III. The Hidden promise.  14


A. God would send a Redeemer.  Ps.49:15, Job 19:25-27.


B. He would ransom from the power of death.  Matt.20:28


1. Prophesied in the OT.   Eze. 37:3-5


2. Proven in the new.  1Cor.15:3-4


C. He will keep His word.  Acts 3:19




Con. -  You can be certain of both, punishment and redemption.  The question is, what will it be for you?





1Cor. 1:4-9


listen to message




Intro – Those who wait for Jesus Christ to come again are noticed by their relationship to Christ.




I. They have been enriched.  2 Cor.9:8-11


A. To live a sanctified life themselves.  1Thess 4:7,  1 Peter 1:15


B. To help develop the spiritual lives of others.


1. By edifying.  Rom.14:19,  1Cor.14:12


2. By exhorting.  Rom.15:14, Acts 2:40, 11:23, 13:15-16, 1Thess. 2:4




II. They are confirmed (made sure). Heb.2:3


A. By the Holy Spirit.  Rom.8:16


B. Through their behavior.  Matt.5:16, Acts 4:13


C. To be blameless. Phil.2:14-15, Col.1:22




III. They are called.  1Pet.2:9


A. To be an example.  Eph.4:1


B. To serve His purpose. Rom.8:28,  Gal.2:20


C. To fellowship. 1Jn.1:3,7




Con. We live like believers because we are believers.  We believe that Jesus is coming again. Phil.3:20


When Jesus comes will He find you busy doing His work?  Are you “awaiting eagerly” His return?





Ephesians 4:20-27






Intro – Our text today talks about the new man. The person you are in Christ and what that means.




I. You are a person who has learned Christ. (20)


A. This means more than knowing about someone. 


1. Religious people know about Christ. Is.29:3


2. Unbelievers know about Christ.  James 2:19, Jn.1:10


B. To learn Christ is to know Him in a personal way.  James 2:23


1. He has become a personal friend to you. Jn.15:13-15


2. You have learned what His will is and you desire to fulfill it. Jn.14:26,  Phil.3:8-11,




II. You have a renewed mind.(23)


A. When the Holy Spirit moves in He changes your desires. 2Cor.5:17,


B. When you meditate on God’s Word He changes the way you think. Ps.119:11, 105,  Rom.12:1-2




III. You have a have a new life to live. (27)


A. Your behavior and habits change. Eph.5:14-17


B. You resist the devil.  1Pet.5:8-9,  James 4:7




Con. Let the new you, be seen by others. Put off the old, put on the new, and put away sinful behavior.





Luke 14:1-11






Intro – Humility doesn’t come to us naturally. It’s something you need to work at or allow God to work it in you.


Christ doe command us to humble ourselves. (11)




I. The Lawyers and Pharisees in or text were stubborn, egotistical men.  Lk.11:39, 52


A. Pride can be hard to recognize in ourselves. God’s word helps us do that. It is revealed by:


1.  Those who say there is no God. Ps.10:4                


2.  Those who cause strife. Prov.28:25                                   


3.  Those who dress seductively.  Is.3:16                   


4.  Those who get drunk. Is.28:1                                


5.  Those who rebel against authority. Zeph.3:11, 1Pet.5:5


6. Those who lie. Ps.119:69, Ps. 31:18


7. Those who deny creation. Rom.1:30


8. Those who think they’re better. Lk.18:9,11


9. Those who think they’re smarter. Mt.12:1-3


10. Cannot accept correction. Mt.12:14


B. Jesus was angry with these proud men.  Mk.3:5




II.  Jesus humbles the Pharisees and Lawyers.


A. The spiritual leaders could not answer the questions. (4,6)


B. To not help someone in need would be a sin. 1Jn.3:17, 1Thess.5:12-14


C. Legalist in their attempt to show they love God more than others do, neglect to love the brethren. Mt.7:3




III. Strive to be humble. (14)


A. Take specific action physically.   (10)  Last place not first! 


B. Take action in your heart.  Rom.15:1-2. Rom.2:10, Gal.5:26, Phil.2:3-4



Con. – You can lift yourself up or you can humble yourself.  What you do will determine what God does with you!

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