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Hebrews 12:1-3






Intro – The symbolism of a race is used often in Scripture.  1Cor.9:24, 2Tim.4:7, Acts.20:24




I. Like those before us. (1)


A. The witnesses give testimony to the truth of God’s power.  (4) Rom.15:4


B. Look to Jesus.


1. We do for salvation. Jn.3:14-16, Heb 5:9


2. We do for strength. 2Cor.12:9, 2Cor. 4:7, Eph.3:16, Phil.4:13, Phil.3:10, 1Pet.5:8-9, James 4:7




II. Stay focused. (2)


A. Despising the shame. Phil.2:8, Gal.3:13, Lk 6:22,  Think very little of it, it’s meaningless.


B. Look to Jesus.  Heb.13:11-13, 1Pet.4:13-14


1. He found joy in doing good. Lk.15:10


2. He was willing to suffer in order to do God’s will. Is.53:7




III. Make it to the finish line. (3)


A. Endure, it will get harder. 2Tim.3:1, Heb 10:39


B. Look to Jesus and the future. Acts 2:24-27, Ps. 16:8-10, Phil.1:6 




Con. Running the Christian race means living for Jesus in every circumstance.



Personal Faith (part 2)


John 4:27-42






Intro – Last Sunday we met the “woman at the well”. Jesus cared about her enough to convict her of the sin in her life and reveal Himself as the Messiah, the One who could rescue her from the punishment her sin had earned her.  Today we want to look at the end result of Christ’s visit.




I. She goes back to Sychar and shares her testimony. (28-29)


A. She had been convicted of sin.


1. She was confessing.  “all…I have done” (39)


2. Repentance and faith must come with confession. 2Cor.7:10


B. She shared her testimony.  (29)  Jn.1:34


C. Others believed also.  Acts 2:36-37




II. “Meanwhile” back at the well, Jesus teaches an important truth. (31-38)


A. Spiritual food is more important than physical food.  Luke 16:19-31, Luke 18:25


B. The work of the Lord is more important than any work here on earth. Lk.12:21, 34


C. Jesus was simply showing His disciples it was more important to invest in the kingdom. Mt.6:33




III. The final step. (39-42)


A. A personal faith “many more believed”.


1. Others can point us to Christ.  Matt.5:16


2. We must believe for ourselves. Rom.10:9, 13


B. Saving faith is a personal trust in Jesus for the forgiveness of your sin. 1Jn.4:13-14


1. It’s not just saying you believe.  Titus 1:16


2. But showing that you mean it. 1Jn.2:3-5



Con. These Samaritans had come to “know” the Savior and believed.  Acts 16:31, 2Tim.1:12




John 7:14-18






Intro – It’s one thing to read and know what the bible says, It’s another to make sure you are understanding what you are reading. You need to know the context, setting, time, etc. to make sure you fully and correctly understand what the bible is saying.




I. The trees. (14)


A. The setting for our text is the Feast of Booths. Lev.23:40, 43


B. It was time of celebration. Neh.8:10,12, 15-18


1. A time to reflect on God’s provision through the wilderness.


2. Not a set day but an event that they celebrated the same day each year.


          3. Trees used as a symbol to remind them of the event.




II. The teaching. (15-16)


A. The Pharisees didn’t think kindly of Jesus. Speak condescendingly of Jesus.


B.  Christ response is to draw the thinking of the people back to what they were celebrating. Deut.18:18


C.  Jesus used the celebrations to point to the fact that He was the Messiah.  John 6:14




III. The truth. (17-18)


A. Those seeking God’s will, will be aware of the truth.


1. To do God’s will is to submit to His authority. Jn.6:29


2. His word is there to mold and change our hearts and attitudes. Ps.119:105


B. If you yield to God’s Word and His authority you will know His   will and the truth.  Ps.111:10, Jn.11:31-32




Con. What do you believe, the word of God spoken by Jesus or man’s teaching?





John 4:4-26


listen to message





Intro – Don’t overlook vs 4-6 in our text.  God puts verses like these in the bible to remind us that the bible is a real historical account of events. It’s reality, not a fairy tale about made up things.  This encounter by Jacob’s well teaches us how to do personal evangelism. 




I. Jesus deals with us personally. (7-9)


A. He took the time to visit with her. 1Pet 5:7


B. He was concerned for her needs.(10-14) Mt.23:37, Jn.11:35


C.  He creates a desire for spiritual life.  (15)




II. He lets us know Who He is. (16-26)


A. He has the power to convict.  (19)


1. Of her lack of marriage commitment. (5 times)


2. Of her immorality. (living with a man)


B. Not everyone seeks after the one true God. (22)


1. He is the one and only true God.  Is.45:5-7, 22


2. Man-made idols are not really gods. Acts 19:26, Is.37:19, Gal.4:8-10, 1Cor.8:4-13


C. God wants a relationship with you. (23-24) 1Cor.3:16, Rom.8:14


D. Christ is the Messiah, the one true God.  Jn.8:24, 58, Jn.10:30, Jn.13:19, Is.9:6, Mt.1:23




Con. Do you personally believe that Jesus is the Savior of the world?  Have you personally responded to His offer of forgiveness?  Next week we will look at the response of the woman and her friends.





Hebrews 13:7-15






Intro-  Some would have you believe Christianity is like a sinking ship.  They say what the bible says is not true and what Christians believe is wrong, etc.  Our text today reminds us to not be carried away by such talk. What every bible believing church has is the truth that has been handed down to us by Christ and His disciples. Jude 3.  It is Satan that would try and separate you from the truth of God’s Word. Don’t be fooled by his ½ truths. Matt. 4.






I. Your heritage can be a good thing. (7) 


A. How did God lead the other Christians before me? Not every practice was written.  2Thess.2:15


B. One way to test your belief is to ask does it strengthen the fellowship or divide it.  Jude 3, 1Jn.3:14


C. Your Christian heritage is worth hanging onto.  1Tim.3:15-16,  2Tim.3:14-16, 2Tim.1:5


D. Make sure you are consistent with Scripture.  2Tim.2:15




II. Consistency can be a good thing.  (8)


A. Jesus is consistent. His message is unchanging.  Saved by grace through faith.  Eph. 2:8, Rom.3:28, Jn.1:17


B. He encourages unity.  Jn.17:23


C. He taught us to always do God’s will.  Jn.6:38, Jn.6:29




III. Stability is a good thing.  Eph.4:14


A. Don’t abandon your faith for new teachings.  (9) Gal.3:1-5, 2Cor.4:1-6, Col.2:16, Rom.14, 1Tim.4:4-5


B. Christianity is better than the old way. Jesus tried to show the Jews this truth.  Jn.7:38, Jn.1:29, Jn.8:12


C. To reject Christ’s way would lead to their destruction.  Jer. 7:4, 14,  2Cor.4:4-6, 2Cor.5 17                          


1. To follow the old way would mean destruction. Matt. 23:37-38


2. Your fellow believers are to help each other stay true to God’s word. Jn.16:13, Heb.10:25, Eph.4:3-6




Con.  Christ has given us something new to celebrate.  We now celebrate the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.

Don’t throw your new found faith overboard to go back to the OT ways.  (15-16)

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