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Genesis 15:1-6

June 25th 2017


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Intro – Abraham was a believer but he still needed to be re-assured of God’s plan for his life and the Lord wanted him to be sure.  As Christians we sometimes need reassurance and Jesus is always willing to give us that assurance. He wants us to be confident of His plan for our lives.

I. Abraham needed to be reminded.
            A. It had been 10 years since God called him to leave Ur. Gen.12:1-4
            B. He had some difficult times. 2Tim.3:12, 1Pet.4:15-16, 19

1. In Egypt. - What not to do. Gen.12:12-13

2. With Lot  - What we should do. Gen.13:11, Lk.6:31
C. God re-affirmed His promise to Abram with a covenant.  Gen.13:14, 15:5ff



II. Abraham believed or trusted God.

A. Assent – agreeing with God.

B. Trust – total surrender to His plan.

“Faith therefore is not merely assensus (assent), but fiducia (trust) also, unconditional trust in the Lordand His word, even where the natural course of events furnishes no ground for hope or expectation”.

Keil & Delitzsch Commentary


III. We need to be assured also.

A. We struggle with trials and sinful behavior. 1Cor.10:13, Rom.7:19

B. We ask sometimes if the Lord is aware, sometimes we doubt. 2Tim.2:19, Lk.12:29-30

C. Christ comes to assure us He is in control of everything. Jer.29:11, Prov.3:5-6, Col.1:17, Lk.12:32, Rom.8:28, 1Jn.1:7


Con. Christ wants our faith to grow. He wants us to be absolutely confident that He will take care of us and that His will is to do what is best for us,   ALWAYS.  Phil.3:13-14




Genesis 12:1-4


June 18th, 2017


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Intro –God had made a promise to Abraham that he would make a great nation of his descendants. In Chapter 17 of Genesis God repeats the promise and says that he would make Abraham “the father of many nations”. Abraham answered God’s call to ownership of his life. As fathers here today have you answered God’s call to you?  Have you given ownership of your life to Christ?




I.  We are called to move. (1)


A. Abraham had to leave where he was and travel to another place. Heb.11:8


B. We have been asked to leave one place and travel to another.


1. From a land of darkness to one of light. 1Peter 2:9


2. From a world of sin to a place in heaven. Rom.12:1-2, Eph.4:21-23, 1Jn.2:15-16


3. From a life of sin to one of holiness. 1Pet.1:13-16


C. Will you answer God’s call for your life?  Matt.22:14, Col.3:12




II. We are called to be a blessing. (2-3)


A. As Christians we have been blessed. Gal.3:13-14, Rom.4:8,


B. We should be a blessing to others. Lk.6:27-28




III. We are called to action. (4) Matt.28:19


A. Repentance. Matt.4:17, Lk.13:3


B. Confess. 1Jn.1:9, Rom.10:9


C. Believe.  Acts 13:31, Heb.11:6


D. Follow. Matt.16:24



Con. You have been called by God, the question is have you responded like Abraham. Are you being an example of faithfulness to others?




John 15:1-11


June 4th 2017


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Intro – The Lord uses an illustration to teach us about our relationship to Him. He uses the word “abide” ten times in these verses. Abide comes from the root Greek word “meno” and it means to remain, stay or continue. Jesus is encouraging us to remain in a right relationship with Him.




I. The Vine, Vinedresser and branches.


A. Jesus is the “true” Vine.  Jn.14:6, Jn.3:36, Jn.17:3


B. God the Father is the Vinedresser.  Is.5:4, Mt.20:1, Mt 21:40


C. Believers are the branches. Rom.11:19-21


D. If you are not a believer you have never become a part of the Vine.




II. Some branches bear fruit.


A. These are pruned. (cleansed)  2Tim.2:21, 1Jn.1:7+9, 1Jn.3:3,


B. They bear fruit because they abide (remain) in Christ. Jn.17:17, Phil.1:9-11


C. They bear much fruit. Heb.12:11, Rev.3:19, 2Tim.3:16-17, Gal.5:22-23


D. They prove God’s power.


1. To answer prayer. 1Jn.5:14-15


2. To make disciples. Mt.28:19




III. Some branches do not bear fruit.


A. Because they do not remain in Christ.  (4)


B. These are removed. (2)


C. They are thrown away. (6)


1. Gathered – Matt.13:41


2. Cast into the fire and burned. Mt.7:19, Mt.13:42




Con. As we trust and obey we will remain in Christ and Christ in us. His love will be our Joy and motivation.  We will be able to say with Paul. Gal.2:20





1John 3:1-10


June 11 2017


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Intro – At least 18 times in 1John we see the phrase “we know” and over 30 times some form of that phrase is used. The theme of this book is that we can know we are saved.




I. We know God loves us. (1-3)


A. He calls us His children. Jn.1:12, Gal.3:26


B. That we will be like Him. Phil.3:20-21, 1Cor. 15:52-54


C. This gives us hope. Rom.15:13


1. Hope in our battle against sin. Rom.7:25


2. Hope for a sinless future with our new resurrected bodies. (3) 1Pet.1:3




II. We know God has changed us.  (6-9)


A. In the KJV the word “commit” is used in these verses but it should be “practice” or “continue”. The Greek word has a deeper meaning than just commit.


B. Luther had a good rule for bible interpretation. Always let clear verses explain unclear ones. 1Jn.1:8-10


C. When a believer sins he will repent and turn away from the sin. He does not want to continue in it. Phil.3:10-14.


D. The unbeliever continues in sin with no desire to repent. Rom.2:5, Eph. 4:18




III. We know we are saved. (10)  1Jn.5:12-13


A. Because we practice righteousness. 1Jn.2:29, 1Jn.5:13


B. Because we love the brethren. 1Jn.3:14



Con. Jesus Christ wants you to know that you are saved, no maybes, no doubts. Rom.10:13, 1Jn.5:20




Luke 11:9-10


May 28th 2017


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Intro – Jesus is teaching us about prayer. He illustrates with a persistent person and loving father to help us understand that we need to be persistent and know we have a Father who loves us more than any human father.


Today we focus on vs.9-10 concerning prayer.




I. “Everyone who asks.”  (verbal)


A.  Know Who you’re asking.  Mt.6:8, Lk 12:30, Jn. 16:24, Eph.3:20


B. The promise is given to believers. Jn.15:7,


C.  Know what you’re are asking for. 


1. For others. Col.1:9


2. For workers. Lk.10:2


3. For wisdom. James 1:5


D. Know how you’re asking.


1. Have the right motives. James 4:3


2. According to His will. Mt.6:10, Jn.14:14, 1Jn.5:14


3. In a right relationship. 1Pet.3:7, 1Jn.3:22




II. “he who seeks”.  (mental)


A. Seek for Jesus not signs and wonders. Mt.12:39, 2Thess.2:8-9, Mt.7:22-23


B. Seek beyond your selfish needs. Lk.17:33, Mt.6:33


C. Seek for the things of God. Prov.11:27, Prov.18:15, Is.26:9, 1Cor.4:18




III. “to him who knocks” (physical)


A. Put action into your prayers. Mt.25:35, 40, James 1:22


B. If you ask for workers be willing to work. Mt.28:19




Con. Ask for God’s will to be done in your life, seek out what His will is in His word and then go and serve       Him faithfully.


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