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Mark 2:18-28

October 8th 2017

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Intro – The bible is filled with God ordained changes. Sometimes people fail to catch the change and they continue in the old ways. Jesus is explaining that to people in our text today. Just like the Pharisees of Christ’s day there are those today who want to keep the old. I have spoken before about Hebrew Roots or Messianic Christians. The more I study them the more concern I have.


I. When God changes something we need to follow those changes. (18-20)

A. The Bridegroom has come! Is.61:10

B. The church, made up of believers, is the bride of Christ. Rev.19:7, Eph.5:23,32 Acts 20:28

C. We now operate by the HS under the law Jesus gave to the church. Matt.16:18, Mt.18:17, Jn.16:13

D. This was a major change from the old covenant to the new. Jer.31:31-33, Lk.22:20, Heb.8:13


II. Jesus warns against trying to mix the two covenants. (21-22)

A. He knew this would be an issue in the early church. Matt.5:17

B. The Pharisees always accused Jesus of breaking the law. (24)

C. The truth was He fulfilled it perfectly so we could be free from it. Rom.7:6, Col.2:14


III. We live under the new covenant. 2Cor.3:6-17

A. Not the old one written by God on stone given by Moses. 2Cor.3:10

B. Those who follow the old are just blinded. 2Cor.3:14-16

C. Jesus has given us a new, higher, better way. 2Cor.3:6, James 1:25, 2:12, Mt.7:12

D. And the power to live that sanctified life. Acts 1:8, Col.1:28-29


Con. – Don’t be like the Pharisees of old who tried to mix the law with the Bridegrooms grace.





Romans 8:28-39

Sept. 24th 2017



Intro – see Rom.3:18. The Christians were going through a time of suffering. This message from God was to remind them of their hope and future. In the midst of suffering we can look forward the future. Rom.3:25


I. God knows you. Ps.1:6, Jn.10:14

A. He called you – 28 - Mt.11:28, Rom.9:24-26, Mt.22:14, Jn.3:16, 2Pet.3:9, 1Tim.2:6

B. He justified you -30- Rom.3:28, 1Cor.6:11

C. He has a plan for you, predestined to conform to image of Christ -29.  Rom.12:1-2, 1Jn.3:2, Phil.3:21.


II. God is for you!

A. No power can stand up to God. 31 - Lk. 1:37, 1Jn.4:4

B. He will do whatever it takes to see you through.- 32- Rom. 5:8-9, Heb.13:5

C. No one will succeed in condemning us. 33-34   Rom.8:1-2


III. God will keep you. 35-39

A. Nothing can take you from God. Heb.13:5

1. It is clear that no one or nothing can separate us from Christ. 38-39    2Cor.5:8

2. However, we can sever our relationship with Him. Gal.5:4, Heb.3:12, 6, 14

3. It’s all about faith, God will keep you, will you keep Him? 1Jn.1:7, Jn.19:30

B. We will be victorious.-37    Rev.12:11, Phil 4:13

C. We are convinced of His love. 2Tim.1:12,


Con. Faith means you are resting in what Jesus did for you. Matthew 11:28




October 1st 2017



Intro – to be saved you must believe. However, believing is more than knowing about Jesus, it’s trusting and trusting means you act on what He says.


I. Martha believed He is Who He said He was. (27)

A. Christ = Messiah, Savior. Luke 2:11

B. Son of God = true God, Col.2:9

C. God incarnate = born into this world, Matt.1:23, 1Jn.4:2


II. Believing is more than knowledge.

A. Many believe things about Jesus. James 2:19

B. Christians believe in Him. 


III. To believe in Him is to trust Him.

A. To trust is to respond to His offer of Salvation.

B. To trust is to take action, to “put on Christ”.

1. You change behavior – repent – Rom.13:11-14

2. You confess and profess – Gal.3:27

3. You put into action a life committed to obeying Christ. Eph.4:24, Col.3:10, 2Cor.5:15


Con. Confess – 1Jn.1:9, Call – Romans 10:13, - Profess – Rom.10:9.
       Saving faith is revealed by a trusting response to Christ’s offer of salvation.





Proverbs 4:13-27

September 17th 2016



Intro – How do you protect your heart and mind? Of course we are not talking about physically but spiritually.  Our text today give us some advice.

I. Acquire Wisdom. (5, 13)

A. God’s idea of wisdom is different than the worlds. Prov.9:10, Ps.2:11, Ps.119:38, Lk.12:5

B. Wisdom is to seek Christ and know His will. 1Cor.1:21, 2Tim.3:15, Eph.1:17

C. There are 2 kinds of wisdom, make sure you have the right kind. James 3:13-18, Jn.16:13, 1Cor.2:7-10,13

D. True wisdom, Godly wisdom starts when you receive Christ. Mt.7:24, Prov.3:5-7

II. Avoid Evil. (15)

A. Don’t hang out with unbelievers. Prov.1:10, 15, Ps.1:1

B. Don’t participate in what they do.  Eph.5:11, Ezk.3:17,21

C. Unbelievers will work hard at getting you to sin.  (16) Mt 4:1, Jn.8:44

III. Pay attention. (20)

A. Be alert to what Satan is up to!  1Peter 5:8

B. Fill your mind with God’s word and ways. Ps.1:2, Phil.4:8

C. Stay focused on Jesus. Heb.12:2-3

Con. Living the Christian life doesn’t happen accidently. You chose to receive Christ and you choose to follow him. Joshua 24:15


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